itunes uploading problem there an easy fix for the itunes problems that occur when occasionally uploading classical cds that ends up with the tracks being fragmented into many different sections..?
Not that I've found. How I correct the problem is find the new tracks (sort by date) and rename them by album.

I have classical CD's that date back to 1984 and iTunes can not identified them. Also, artwork/cover is an issue. Recently I started taking pictures of the artwork with my iPhone, uploading to iPhoto, edit, then attached to the cd.
If the original artist is different, track by track, or there is something that would differentiate it, the track will separate itself. The only way is to go into the info breakdown window (try typing 'command and 'i' at the same time or simply use the dropdown menu bar) and delete the artist info for each and every track. All that will remain is the album info and iTunes won't see anything amiss and keep it all together.

The same thing happened to me and I tried everything until I deleted the artist info. Now it even transfers to my iPod Touch without breaking up.

Hope this helps and excuse my computer definitions as this is still relatively new to me.