Uploading HD files to Olive 6HD

I have my Olive 6HD connected to my computer, and I can see the Olive's folders in my computer's file management program. But I cannot figure out how to copy some HD files into the Tracks folder. I have followed the manual's instructions to create an import folder on my computer. But what am I supposed to do next? I have also tried to move the files into the Olive's folder but nothing happens.

I have tried to contact Olive with this question but have gotten no response. Their technical service seems to be a non-existent fantom.

Help from someone with an Olive would be much appreciated.
Once you have the import folder up on the screen, you just drag and drop whatever files you want into this folder and the Olive will copy it.

Make sure you are using the correct "slash" key when setting up the import folder, (window icon then R key). The correct "slash" is the one above the ENTER key and not the one left of the shift key. This seems to always be the problem when users can't import files.
Hi, I upgraded my Laptop to Windows 10 and now when I bring up the Window / R prompt and enter the IP address of the Olive 6HD I get an error message that the address is not correct.  I buy FLAC files at HDTracks and have uploaded to my Olive.  
It seems upgrading to Windows10 means I can't transfer files from laptop to Olive.  
Tell me there's a solution for this !!
Check the IP address on your Olive under settings. It might have changed. Mine does that all the time. If it has, just change the IP address in the URL.

Also make sure your Olive 6HD is turned on and you're using Firefox as the browser.