Problem uploading tracks to Olive 06HD

I have my Olive 6HD connected to my computer, and I can see the Olive's folders in my computer's file management program. But I cannot figure out how to copy some HD files into the Tracks folder. I have followed the manual's instructions to create an import folder on my computer. I have tried to move the files into the Olive's folder, and the files appear to be copying to the Olive. But they do not appear in the Olive's Tracks folder.

Twice I have tried to contact Olive with this question but have gotten no response. Their technical service seems to be a non-existent fantom.

Help from someone with an Olive would be much appreciated.
I suggest contacting them and acting like you want to buy a product and that you have a few questions. When they reply do the bait-n-switch. That is how I have had to get my issues resolved.
I had a 3 that failed on day 1. They sent another (this was 2 years ago when they had support). Upgraded for a 6 which I had for maybe 1.5 years. It's so buggy its unbelievable. And their tech support is literally non-existent. They all quit. Sold the 6 here on agon after I figured out the settings that caused it to flake and then avoided them.

Anyhoo, pm me for tips & tricks. I learned them the hard way but I did learn them.