Upgrading my table - your thoughts...

I have narrowed my choice down to the Rega RP8 with the Apheta 2 MC, Micro Seiki DD40 or the Kenwood KP-9010 with a Micro Benz SL 0.4 MC. 

Kenwood and Rega RP8 will be approximately $1500 after tax. The micro will be $1000. 

My set up: 
Processor: Emotiva RMC -1L 
Power Amp: Emotiva XPA GEN 3 
Phone PreAmp: Sutherland 20/20 
Front end speakers: Goldenear Triton 1

I currently have a Sony PS-X70 turntable with that Micro Benz SL cart. 

Looking to make a step up as I love my analog listening sessions. I want this to be my end table.

Goldenear very neutral sounding. Had Emotiva phono pre amp... bright as heck... I just got the Sutherland 20/20, mellowed out highs and punchy clean and tightened the bass. 

If I get the Rega I have the opportunity to get the Aria, would you keep the 20/20 or sell 20/20 and go with Aria?
Your Emotiva gear is the weak link. You will make the biggest improvements there. 
I’m partial to Benz. Had a couple, love the presentation. Just everything you want, in perfect balance. The .4mV output helps a lot with the phono stage as well. If you are even looking at a phono stage in that price range I would be looking at the Decware ZP3. Not sure if .4mV is enough to get by without a SUT but even if you need one the Decware is still the way to go they have a couple SUT and an exchange program which combined with their lifetime warranty would make this an end stage to go with your end table.   https://www.decware.com/newsite/ZP3.htm  

As far as the tables go my view is mass uber alles, all else being equal, and would go Kenwood over Rega on that basis alone. Also as far as I am concerned when it comes to turntables appearance matters far more than with any other component. The right one is simply a pleasure to use and this counts for a lot. So if the Rega turns you on then by all means throw my advice out the window and go for it. But if the Kenwood has you all warm and fuzzy then forget all the Rega high tech ad copy and go Kenwood and never look back.

I would not go Aria either way, especially considering you just enjoyed the move away from a fast tilted up sound. Rega leans more fast/tipped up. Great if you like that kind of thing. You will find much more tubey vinyl magic with Kenwood, Benz, and Decware. Way more.
Have you checked out the MoFi top of the line?  If I hadn't decided to refurbish my SOTA/SME, that's the deck I was looking to buy.  I think it's called Ultradeck or Masterdeck, and the cartridge maybe "Master Tracker."  These tables got great reviews across the board, but it seems not many were sold.  Still available to my knowledge.
The Benz is a very good cartridge.....I don't think you'll get what you suspect by getting a better table.
Your tt is not the weak link. Keep the Benz and the Sony and go for better amplification.


I would based, on my own listening experience, get the Rega P8 and put the Benz on it. It's a great combo and will be an improvement on your existing turntable. The Rega MC's can be a bit aggressive in some systems.