Upgrading from Kharma 3.2 to Verity Parsifal

Hello my friends!

My question is if this upgrade really worths the money. What do you think about these two speakers? Has anybody compared them side by side or heard them both extensively?
Is there a downside in this upgrade?
What I'm looking here is more bass, higher SPL's, and maybe a bit swetter timbre.

What are your ideas?



you are already in the center of hi fi heaven. no reason to move next door.

While I agree with Jaybo that you have a good speaker, I disagree with his conclusion since you listed your exact objective. I too went from Kharma to Verity and you will get exactly what you are looking for. Again, not to say the 3.2 isn't a fine speaker, but you will get the sweeter timbre, more bass and, depending on the size of your room, more SPLs. While all of this is highly subjective, my reasons for going from one to other were almost the same as yours.
How big is your room?
Jaybo I do not doubt that but I guess there is always that small step upwards you want to climb.;)

My room now is quite small 30m2 but very very soon I'll move in a 60m2 room!
have you heard the midi grand?
I have a friend who is getting a pair of Sarastroses and he is beside himself with excitement.I think your move will not be lateral as you have inferred. Rather, it maybe your glimpse of heaven on earth.I have heard nothing but great things on the Verity stuff and may even consider updating one day ( I just stole a pair of Sim W-10 monos so I must lay low for a while).I think the Karma is a great speaker but more on the analytic side where as Verity is known for it's rich texture and dynamic ability.If you are tempted you should look up the Verity line and you may find a bigger angel.Fullrange is worth a lot in musical terms!!Hope this helps Dennis
Look into REL sub-bass system using the B3.

Thanks a lot for your responses!
Today I had the chance of listening to the Verity Sarastro!
A pretty amazing speaker!So I'm considering buying it!
What is your opinion on this speaker?
Some people say that it is not so good at playing rock music!I expect from a speaker in this price range to play all kinds of music!
Also is it really full range?Verity states that it goes down to 20Hz but some people mention 25Hz?
Thanks a lot!

if the dealer that you are demoing is serious,then, you should ask to try them in your system with your cable s and amps.Fullrange is very system dependent when you start talking the lowest octave. I think 25hz might be enough if the speaker does everything else superbly, remember, very little info is plumbing those depths ( mainly acoustic I suspect).I am a firm believer that enough wattage can cure any speaker (1400 @4ohms seems to do the trick).Hope this helps and good luck in your choice-Dennis

I went from a $100,000 pair of Kharma Exquisite Diamonds to the Verity Sarastro II and I can ASSURE you without any doubt that they will do rock at real world volumes. As far as their bass goes, this is where set-up is crucial and, as Cenline points out, your choice of amplifiers. My room is 14' x 18' x 8' and heavily treated, I use Lamm M1.2 Reference monoblocks and I have no problem getting articulate clean bass from them.
I don't know about the Kharma, but for extended bass, high spl and sweet timbre from a smallish floorstander, the Verity Parsifal is a truly excellent choice.

Good Luck,

I cannot speak to the Karmas, as my experience is limited to listening session at shows. However, I can speak about the VA Parsifal Ovations. As a reviewer at positive-feedback.com, I have had the chance to listem to many speakers in search of my personal "grail". Before my review of the Parisifal Ovations I, of course, had heard of them and listened to them at various salons and shows. Even under such difficult settings then NEVER sounded less then very good. About 30 days into my review, I knew there was no going back for me and I purchased the review pair.

They are truely a wonderfully musical speaker!

Since my review, my wife and I moved into a house in which my "a/v" room is 22x22x9 (as depicted in my "System" shots, but the layout has changed significanly from then, some day soon I will update the photos). The room we were in when I "reviewed" them was at least 1/2 the size. As such, I had more them a couple of coversation with John Quick about getting the Starastro II to make sure it fills the new room. John discourged it and said I really need to give the POs a chance. He was right, these leave nothing to be desired as far as SPLs. They rock!

I have no doubt that these are the last speakers I will purchase. If you have already pegged yourself as an one that perferes "emotional" speakers over "analyitical" speakers, you cannot go wrong with Vertiy Audio.

Enjoy the search, John

I doubt I can try them at my home but what I can do for sure is take my amps to the dealer. Anyway Im ready to invest in this speaker, which means trading an amp for another. Maybe I'll also try the Nagra amps which are said to have great synergy with the Verity. With the 18 W Lamm monoblocks that I heard them they definitely did go low enough. I'll have a few more listening sessions before I decide. Kharma is an excellent speaker and probably does some this things better than the Sarastro but it is a little fatiguing in the higher frequencies.


Wow Sarastro must have really impressed you.


thanks for your answer!


Yes verity is an excellent speaker manufacturer. Im happy you consider them very emotional as these are my findings as well, together with an excellent tonality.

Thanks again everyone!
I have only heard the Verity Parsifals once at a show in Montreal a few years ago and it hasn't been the same since. There were also rooms with the Sarastro and the Ovation but the room I am referring to was the Parsifals PRIOR to the Ovation.

I listened to this system over a 3 day period. The early impressions were to say the least not very promising, thin, little bass and closed in. With a lot of adjustments and taking into consideration that the speakers were brand new without any breakin I suppose this could be expected. During the course of the next few days with numerous adjustments and placements the sound improved until finally on Saturday evening I heard the real potential of these amazing speakers. What changed? The soundstage opened up to the point that the speakers truly disappeared, the dynamic capability which was MIA originally was almost live, you are there. Timbres are second to nothing I have ever heard. Last but not least was bass punch, startling to say the least though not the last word in reaching the lower limits.

I feel these speakers while maybe not the best choice for rock will certainly rock with enough amplification and proper set-up but that is not what IMO they do best which is offer a truly believable recreation of a good recording. I only heard the Kharma 3.2 once and was impressed with the soundstage first and foremost. At their price point I felt there really wasn't the value as the bass was not very impressive. The Verity's are a speaker I could easily live with if I could get them to sing like I heard at that show in that quite large room, emotional, absolutely and what they can do with voices! That room was hands down the best of that show and among the very best most involving systems I've had the pleasure of hearing.

While the other Verity rooms were wonderful as well I can only imagine what they might have sounded like in THAT room with THOSE components.

Don't assume that you need to change amps. The Parsifal Encore (don't know about the Ovation) presents a moderately difficult load that rules out 300B and low power OTL amps. However, higher power SETs like the Cary 845/211 models work well, as does my higher power ARC VT130SE tube amp. I've had success with ss amps from Krell, Odyssey and TAD, too. I'd certainly try your Mac amp before I switched.

Good Luck,

Ι just want to mention that in case I upgrade I'll go for the Sarastro which has a 93 db efficiency. The parsifal is not an option anymore as I heard that it has a 106 db maximum spl and its not full range. So since I want to upgrade I might as well get something that it really worths it!
I know I'm coming in late to this debate, but I auditioned both the Kharma and the Parsifal when deciding on my last speaker. I opted for the Parsifal. I felt that the Kharma 3.2 had a difficult time in translating the weight of the tenor sax on a Coleman Hawkins CD. For me, that killed the deal, though I went into that audition predisposed towards the Kharmas from all the positive press. The Verities have alot more weight in the upper bass and lower midrange.

Whether they are full-range or not depends on your definition of the term. They certainly are full-range enough for my tastes. If I find any fault with the Verities , it is that they are a bit too revealing compared to my previous speaker, Alon Circes, which made just about all music sound good. As other posters have commented, the Verities are on the warm side of neutral, but they are not quite as warm as the Circes or Vandersteen 5A's.

Yesterday I auditioned the Sarastro for 3 hours. I dont have to mention that when I returned home I couldn't listen to the Kharmas. Thats all I can say!
I think I'm going for the Sarastros.
If anybody has or auditioned the Sarastro please share your findings!
I finally got the Sarastro!! What an amazing speaker!!! Totally different level than the Kharma!

Thanks everybody for your answers!
Enjoy. You made the right call!!!
Hi Argyro,

Just wanted to write to say congratulations! Glad you are enjoying music with the new speakers.

All the best,

Thanks a lot my friends!
I'm really so excited about my new speakers!


Its been almost two months with the Verity Sarastro and all I can say is WOW. Everyday that I listen to this speakers is like hearing it for the first time. This shows how excited I am.
Basically this speaker does everything right. The most amazing part is that it is so musical without lacking transparency and definition. A trully magical combo. I have the Gryphon Diablo integrated amp which really drives the speakers to its limits together with an EMM LABS CDSA player.
The soundstage is huge and the whole presentation is so real that it is spooky. You can hear every bit of spatial information.
And of course they can play rock at ear bleeding levels.
Guys Im realy excited about my move and I would like to thank everyone for your answers, especially Cencline that was the first one to propose to me the Sarastro.


Congratulations. I bet now with your new speakers you can listen at higher volume without afraid it will cracking your woofer.
Thanks Sebastian.

What you said is so true. With the kharmas I was always looking at the woofers after a loud passage afraid that they would be damaged.

Very nice to hear that you are user of Sarastro.

If for Parsifal ( Encore / Ovation ) the following is of
100% certainty. For Sarastro, it is certainly true if you
are not using bi-wire or bi-amp

See if you can change ( up-grade ) the factory-supplied
Jumpers with Siltech Emperor G6 ( SATT VER better )
Jumpers. For the USD 1800- 2000 spent on Siltech Jumpers
I can assure you get back not less than USD 10,000 of
upgrading rewards. I had tried audio Note , XLO Limited Edition Jumpers, Venture Ruby Jumpers, all beatened in
3-4 notes heard. you will "Vow" again once you put
on the Emperor Jumpers.

I had used them for 3 years or so, friends are bringing
other brands to compete, all wnt home with heads down.
Dpang233 thanks for your info, Ill try to give them a listen. But with a little more money I can get one more set of virtual dynamics revelation 2 cable set and run the Sarastros with true bi-wire. I suppose that would be better wouldnt it?
Hi Argyro

I am no fans for Bi-wiring
My opinion is that for the double of speaker cable costs
I would rather use the same money invested to buy
a much better speaker cable + jumper.

If you believe all the Merit of Cables ( inter-connects /
speaker ) minimizing Loss as well as shield-out interference is the importance, why use 2 set of cable of
lower grade . Why not one much higher grade, unless you
are using bi-wiring with the utmost highest grade so far
you could find. e.g. One set of Emperor crown (latest and
most advance version now ) and one set of Emperor G6
these two are recomended to me by Siltech's dealer in Hong Kong ( which is for upper and Lower I mixed up, but they
recomend this way is better than 2 sets identical )

But I am satisfied with single-wiring with the best Jumper'sets ( may be the budget is too far high if more
up-grading )
You should try Jormadsign No1 biwire cables, they are true biwire cables, using two sets of wires.
Hey Teddy bear!

Right now I'm using the Virtual Dynamics Revelation 2 as singlee wire and they are already two completely discrete cables. I'm planning to get one more so I have four discrete cables going to each speakers.