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anyone hear the REL Carbon limited Subwoofer for 2 channel audio
I forgot to mention that I am using a pair of the Carbon limited, one to the outside of each speaker. 
anyone hear the REL Carbon limited Subwoofer for 2 channel audio
I hesitate to respond since I have no basis for comparison, but I am using the REL Carbon limited with a pair of Martin Logan CLXes and I think that they are wonderful.  They add bass impact and depth to the speakers that was otherwise absent.  Do... 
Audio Research Reference 5 SE Preamps For Sale?
I picked up a used Ref.5SE and love it. It has defintely dropped in price significantly on the used market from a year ago. Funny, I thought of buying an new one about 6 months ago and talked to a dealer. He would not mark it down more then $800. ... 
$510.00 for an Aluminum cover for the ARC Ref. 10?
Neglected to mention, the 6 inch fan has rubber feet so won't scratch the preamp cover. It is available through Amazon. I use it on an ARC Ref 5se preamp. 
$510.00 for an Aluminum cover for the ARC Ref. 10?
Here's a $20 solution. I purchased a small 3 way fan from AC Infinity. Place it on top of the preamp blowing up. On slow and medium speeds, it is not audible. It cools down the top of the preamp quite effectively. Plugs directly into AC outlet. Ma... 
ARC Reference 10 melting polycarbonate cover
Egrady, what type of cooling fan did you get? Is it battery powered? Recommendations? 
jazzheads need your help: Clark terry
Color Changes on the Candid label. 
Outriggers on Verity Audio Parsifals?
My solution has been to simply tilt the Parsifals down a few degrees so that they are pointing at my ears. This works great and there is no need for outriggers. At the angle I have the speakers, the front of the woofer section is vertical.Randy 
Audio Research Ref 150 Owners...Help Needed
It barely fit in the trunk of my Acura TL. Really heavy though. Had to drag it into the house on a spare carpet fragment.Randy 
New KT150 tubes?
Smoffat, I replaced my GNS modified Classic 120s driving Verity Parsifal Ovations with an ARC Ref. 150 about 6 months ago. The amp is tubed with KT 120s. I must say that the improvement was remarkable, with tighter bass, a less colored midrange, a... 
Attention Verity owners
Have had great success using Purist Venustas cables with the Ovations. I like the Purist sound so much that I switched all my interconnects to Venustas or older Purist ic's. 
Problem with my Sony SCD-777ES
Laredo TX seems to be the main repair facility. Go onto the SONY website and they will send you a mailing slip. I had my SCD-1 serviced about 2 years ago but it took 2 trips to Laredo before they addressed the issue (non-playing CDs). They also up... 
Graham Phantom Supreme SME mount question
I mounted an original Phantom onto am SME mount. The holes did line up. There is still adjustment possible because the Phantom can be moved back and forth a bit in the grooves for the holes before tightening down.Randy 
BPT 3.5 Signature Plus VS PS Audio Power P Premier
I've had the BPT 3.5 for about 2 years now. Absolutely quite with no hum issues. I like the sound of this conditioner so much that I got an extension BPT power strip and hooked my 110 watt per channel tube amps into it as well (rather than into th... 
Upgrading from Kharma 3.2 to Verity Parsifal
I know I'm coming in late to this debate, but I auditioned both the Kharma and the Parsifal when deciding on my last speaker. I opted for the Parsifal. I felt that the Kharma 3.2 had a difficult time in translating the weight of the tenor sax on a...