Kharma 1.0/ Talon Khorus/Watt Puppy 6 or Sonata?

thanks for input beforehand....I have a Viva Sentisi (12 Watt SET) and I have to get smaller speakers vs. my current AV Duo's.....opinions?
Look at the new Von Schweikert DB100 and the DB99 which is not on their site yet.This is a speaker designed for SET amps like yours. I don't think you have enough power for the other speakers.
I'd even suggest looking for a used pair of Von Schweikert VR6's
At 96db they would be a full range speaker your amps will make sing
You will have a tough time finding a pair, they don't show up that often
I've tried all the speakers you have listed except the Kharma's and I would not reccommend any of them
First of all, congrats on being a Viva owner! That's a wonderful little amp you have there.

Of the speakers on your list, I like the Kharma. I sell full range electrostats, and the Kharma 1.0 is almost unique among dynamic speakers in its price range in approaching the coherence of a full-range, single driver electrostat. All I can say is, they got the details right.

But I don't think any of the speakers you list would be an outstanding match for the little Viva. Yeah I know it's far more powerful than its conservative 12 watt rating would suggest, but you really need a dedicated high-efficiency speaker. Unfortunately, there aren't many small, really good-sounding high efficiency speakers out there.

If what you're looking for is a speaker that's more visually subtle than the Duo, even if it's bigger than a Watt/Puppy, then I have a recommendation. That's the Classic Audio Reproductions T-3. The T-3 is shockingly natural sounding, and does many things better than even the Trio's. I'm not normally a fan of high efficiency speakers, but this speaker is timbrally correct, non-fatiguing, and has superb dynamics and natural tonal balance across the frequency spectrum. In my experience it does not image as well as the speakers on your list, but it sounds more like live music than any direct-radiatior dynamic speaker I can think of. As such, it is worthy of the Viva.

The T-3 is 46 inches high, 24 inches wide, and 25 inches deep. The speakers have a classic, 50's-ish look, but use ultra-modern Pioneer TAD drivers.

I'm not a dealer for Classic Audio Reproductions speakers. Yet. Their website ( is pretty sparse, so e-mail me if you'd like to know more. I think the T-3 is available with 16-ohm drivers, which might make the little Viva even happier.

Go over to the Audio Asylum and do a search of the High Efficiency Asylum for "Classic Audio Reproductions". You'll find that this relatively little-known line has the highest respect of those who have encountered it.

Whatever speakers you end up with, may they bring you years of joyful listening.

Best of luck in your search.
my choice is kharma 1.0 limited edition
I am in a similar situation...but, the watt puppy has 93dB sens, Kharma at 89 or 87dB. isn't your AV at 96+ and should work better with only 12 watts?
You've really got a wide spread of speakers here.

I'm enjoying my Sonata mkIIs, but am frankly driving them with 50W Cary V12. Now, I never come close to using much of the Cary's power, so I think you could get away with 12W. These are 95db efficient speakers. They aren't that small, but I guess about 1/2 the width of the Duos. Still, they take up some room. Watt's are smaller. I've not stood next to the Khorus to get an impression of size, but I think they're a wee bit smaller.
I too have listened to all your options there. The new version of the Sonatas MK11 are leagues above the original.I would make the Sonatas 11's a must listen.
Hi Rvisinta, I own and love that Sentesi. As Audiokinesis stated it sounds much more powerful than it's 12 watts rating. I use the Sentesi with the Coincident Total Eclipse. This is an excellent combination IMO. I also use the Cary V12 with this speaker when I want rock & roll. Coincident also makes a smaller more efficient speaker called the Victory. With it's 97 db efficiency, this could be an excellent match with your Sentesi. Check with Audiokinesis about this combination as I believe he is familiar with the Coincident speakers. He is also very helpful and a very nice man.
What a bunch of good (and nice) responses...thanks. After thinking about it, the truth is that it easier to talk my significant other into letting the Duo's go into the new room. They are magic with the Viva....thanks