upgrade or side step

So my Dynavector 17d3 Karat is at the end of it's stylus's useful life.Which brought me into the only hi fi shop in Albuquerque where I saw saw the VPI traveler and it was so attractive it got me thinking. I never really liked the looks of my Pro-ject 2 xperience. Don't get me wrong it sounds great and I got a good deal on it but the looks of the VPI stuff has always appealed to me.So to get to the heart of my question. Would a move to a VPI Traveler or a scout Jr. be a decent side step,upgrade or would it just be a let down? I am trying to keep any move under $1500.I appreciate you input. Thanks
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IMO a Side step. None are significantly better than the others.

If you want an upgrade, IMO you should look for a used Basis 2000 or 2001 with a Rega arm. When funds are available buy a Basis Vector tonearm. That would be a quantum upgrade.

If you are patient they come up for sale occasionally.
My humble advice would be to look for a used VPI Scoutmaster and this could prove to be your last table. The Scoutmaster has the larger platter and will let you add the perifial clamp at a later date. I too love the looks of the VPI tables and have been very happy with my Scoutmaster, am currently running a Dynavector DRT XV1s and a Shelter 901 on an extra arm wand, have gotten great results with a Dynavector 17dlll. My point here is that the table and arm combo are good enough that you never feel like you will outclass this table with the very high end carts if you have the urg to go there later. I went from a Project Experience 7 years ago and never looked back.
Look for a used VPI Classic. I've seen a few slightly more than your $1500 amount, but not much more.
Tooblue has a good idea