Updated system need your suggestions


Looking for input on the following speakers and amps:

Room is smallish and I like high volume but clarity all the way through the listing spectrum.

Used Int. amps and speakers under consideration:

Plinius 8200

Bel canto s300

Musical Fidelity A3.2

Portal Panache + Phone amp


PSB Stratus Gold

Meadowlark Osprey

Thank you for your input. Listing is Larry Carlton, Porcupine Tree, Rush, Robin Trower, Marillon, Dixie Dregs .
Please add Vandersteen 1Cs to your speaker option
I would think the PSBs are a great match for your type of music--big, dynamic, full range. I routinely see 'em used for less than a grand, which would make it a no-brainer. (I haven't heard the Ospreys, so can't opine). As for an amp match, the PSBs would probably benefit from more power.
Both the Osprey and the PSB Stratus gold are great speakers and at their current used prices a good deal. Paradigm studio 40 or 60 may be good as well

The small room may be a problem though with both these speakers overloading the bass. Been through this and its not fun.

Consider a monitor and sub system so you can dial in the bass as needed. Definitive Technology Mythos STS SuperTower or other DT models with built in subs would be something to consider but could be too expensive.

One other advantage to think about is that with a sub you could go with a better sounding but lower power integrated amp.
The Golds are awesome but really need a big space. For your needs, I'd find a pair of Stratus Mini's and a PSB sub. The mini's sound every bit as good as the Golds and will give much better imaging and depth in a smallish room. The big sub can hide anywhere.

The Vandy 1c's will do well in a small room but you may want a sub. However good they sound, they don't like abuse.
Thank you all so far for the input. Not thrilled with a use of a sub and prefer floorstanding speakers. I am curious that most of the posts relate to speakers I am all ears for suggestions for additional Int. amps and speakers. (Terrible pun).
Well, the general thought is that it is best to match speaker to room then match amp to speaker taking in to account personal tastes. You're at a stage where you probably need to jump in and then report back with more information.
Your right Niktunner, I have some components on the way and give some feedback. At this stage I was looking for any glaring weakness in the equipment listed besides what has been offered to date. Always appreciate the time members take to respond.
i quite like the thiel line of speakers and one of the newer krell integrated amps would be a nice match.