Any updated opinions on TW Acustics Raven GT/10.5?

This table is at the top of my list, along side a Kuzma Stabi Reference and 4point. Had anyone heard it? What are your impressions? I know they're a couple of members here that loath everything about TW Acustic, so you needn't chime in, as I already know how you feel. New criticisms are more then welcome though.
I have a just upgraded from a Raven One to a Raven GT with the AC platter and using a Kuzma 4 point tone arm.
I´m still waiting for my AC platter, but the GT i a wonderful turntable.
Thanks. Hopefully I'll be going up to hear the GT at high water sound within the next month or two. I'm also debating between the 4poing and TW10.5, another tough decision.
Hi Guys ...
I have the GT with AC/platter and 10.5 arm
To say it is magical would be an understatement.
I LOVE THIS FRONT END.Of course my Tron Syren is another BIG PLUS,
The TW GT replaced a Kuzma Stabi Reference with a Kuzma Stogi Ref. and later a Basis Vector arm.I read great things on the 4 Point but never had the oppertunity to hear it.
The feet and platform used beneath GT are more critical then what is used with the Kuzma table which is suspended.
Best of luck with your decision
I'm a long time customer of Jeff's. If you chose the TW table you will also get a real friend in the business with him. You can buy with complete confidence. The TW arm is a fabulous arm and simple to set up. It's THE match for TW tables so I encourage you to look at it closely. I think its a bit less costly than the Kuzma 4.0. The TW GT will last you a long long time with great musical reproduction.
Thanks guys. It's much appreciated, and making me feel a bit more comfortable in my decision.
Ditto the good vibes about Jeff and HWS! Top notch! And I love my TW AC Raven and 10.5 tonearm. Great combo!
Another happy TW user, in my case the Raven one. I have only had one problem, static build up in the Controller, which suddenly caused the platter to revolve at 300RPM/minute plus. I understand other users have had a similar problem, but it has been sorted now. The table was already 3+ years old, but I was given an updated controller with no quible. You can't argue with that for customer service.

If you want to economise on the arm and the TW arm seems uber costly to me, Thomas recommends the Ortofon arms and I am very happy with the 309D arm, currently with an ortofon SPU
I have RAVEN AC 3 with all BN updates,motors,platter,feet,arm board and battery power supply with 10.5 arm and Transfiguration Proteus wonderful sound 5 star service from High Water Sound .