Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signature Monitors?

Hi all!

Would any of you happen to own a pair of Tyler Linbrook Signature Monitors? How do you like them?

Have you owned them in the past and have moved on to something else? Why?

Do they excel in certain types of music? Which one(s)?

I can't specifically comment on your question as I have the Linbrook System 2s in one system and Taylo 7Us in another versus the monitors that you are interested in. I primarily listen to smooth jazz and both of these fit the bill nicely. A few suggestions,there are a couple of folks who have posted systems that include the monitors, maybe you can email them directly to get some insights. Also, I have found Ty to be extremely forthright when asked questions; if he doesn't have what you're after he'll tell you, so if you haven't spoken with him I'd suggest that as well. Lastly, if you decide to purchase the monitors don't be afraid to pick up a pair off of his used list if he has the finish you're after - that's how I bought both of mine - Ty checks them out before they go out, they have limited time on them, and they are warranted. Good luck and PS I am not affliated with Tyler Acoustics other than as a very satisfied customer.
The Linbrook Signature Monitors were among my favorite speakers at CES 2008, and the Tyler room was the least expensive room to make my favorites list. I think they are superb, especially for the price, and Ty is definitely one of the good guys. My relationship with Tyler Acoustics would be "competitor".

Hi Dave, I just purchased a pair of the Linbrook Signature Monitors from AudiogoN, I have been comparing them to my Thiel 3.6, Magnapan 3.5R, and dynaudio Contour 3.0. I have only had the Linbrooks for about 6 weeks now and at this point the Tyler's are a more detail and open sound. The sound stage is very good and very detailed. It is hard to discribe, they just sound very good. I do not think you will be disapointed.

Good luck


I've had mine for 5 years, and along the line added the bass modules to make it the linbrook 'system' (two piece). I still often just use the monitors, depending on space. Since there's really a ton of comments on these on AGon, I'll just say the following to give you my comparative impressions. First, before I got the Tyler's I changed speakers about once a year. (But now it's been 5 years). I had B&W Matrix 802s, Aerial model 6, PSB stratus goldi, and a few others, and the Tylers improved on all of these greatly. Since then, I have casually looked for other speakers possibly to replace them, mostly in dealer demos, and usually left scraping my head that some of them (especially the more expensive, like WA Sophia and Focal 1027) didn't give me any more than I already had, and some less. I also had Harbeths in my room (I wrote a post on these two), and still overall preferred the Tyler. So after 5 years I have not been able to find anything better, though I have not listened to some of the very expensive stuff. I thought the ML Summits were very nice comparatively. Overall, it's hard to find a speaker that can go very loud, has excellent treble, awesome midrange, and good bass for anywhere near the price. The monitors are VERY easy to place and work with just about any amp, and sound good with lesser electronics. The only thing that has me looking elsewhere is something smaller and possibly better looking. I listen mostly to classical, organ, and jazz.
Jimmy, FWIW Silverline Bolero's put my Linbrook Sig Systems (1 piece) in the closet 7 months ago and they haven't come out. I listen only to jazz and classical. They are smaller, better looking and sound more resolved, smooth, and only maybe give up a bit of deep bass to the Tylers. Downside is they cost about 2x more than my Tylers. This is not a Tyler 'dis' either! Both are an excellent speakers. :-)
Interesting - I always wanted to hear Silverine though never had the chance. But the Bolero's are pretty big compared to just the Linnbrook monitors, and even price-wise I think you're talking about the larger linbrook. Do you have the original Bolero or newer model(s)? I think the monitor, taken alone, especially at his used prices is hard to beat. If you are talking about a larger linbrook, I've found them hard to place to get the best balance of bass and midrange, whereas the monitors alone are fantastic closer to the wall then you can get them with the bass modules.
I was talking about the larger Linbrook Signature System, one piece as opposed to two piece unit. My Bolero's were new in Sep 07. I have no doubt that the Linbrook monitors are all that you say they are. I thought you were talking about the larger Tylers and wishing for something less visually imposing etc.
I really liked my llnbrook monitors, but the supertowers are much better. A bit taller and more expensive than the monitors + stands, but they actually have a smaller footprint, and are easier to drive at 8ohms (vs 4 for the monitors).
Especially, if you already own a sub, or are considering adding one, the supertowers are worth considering as a "super monitor".

Good luck!
Newbee, I was just sticking to the monitors since that is what the poster asked for. But you are correct - I would like something for myself a bit smaller than the two piece system (which is even bigger than the one piece system). If and when I have the chance I wiill definitely check them out. Thanks for the tip.
I've owned the Linbook Signature Monitors for 3 years and they will be my reference speakers for thirty more. They have only one weakness as do all monitors, the 7" drivers do not push enough air in the lower octaves. Ty realized this and recently came out with some outstanding subwoofers to fill the void. Ty is a pleasure to do business with and the quality of his speakers is beyond reproach.