Review: Paragon Acoustics Regent Speaker

Category: Speakers

The Paragon Regents are no longer manufactured, but a "classic" with build, finish, and sound quality not to be found easily in current speakers.

These are great quality at $2-3,000 price range.

Beautiful to look at, these 'hour-glass' shaped speakers consists of a D'Apollito MTM construct, with 2 6.5 mid-bass units, and 1 3/4" fabric dome Dynaudio drivers.

They have Cardas internal wiring and Cardas rhodium binding posts and copper jumpers, with brass isolation cones. allow bi-wiring.

I have enjoyed these for over one year.

Music is simply clear and compelling with Regents, not colored or leaning toward high or low-but transparent as Dynaudio is expected to be..

They have a full-range sound, excellent with all types of music, from Rock to Classical.

I cannot think of a single weakness with these superb crafted speakers!

Associated gear
Mistral LE
LIEDER interconnects

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