Turntable recommendations under $1500

I have a Pro-ject 6.9 table with a Shelter 501 Mk11 cartridge. Pretty happy with the sound, but not with the pronounced motor noise. Table is mounted on brackets on a wall, so I'm not mistaking acoustic feedback for motor rumble. Anybody got any suggestions for something that sounds at least comparable but without the motor noise? Thanks!
I have the Music Hall MMF 7.1 and am completely satisfied. The 7.1 the step in Music Hall table line where the motor becomes separated from the plinth. I have a new Dynavector Karat cartridge and the Simaudio 5.3 phono cartidge.

Not buying too many CDs anymore, and having a blast listening to vinyl again.
Nice used VPI HW19 mk iv?
There are a number of tables in and around $1500. I have the Clearaudio Performance, which I love, and there's one available on the 'Gon now for around $1500. I used it with your very same cartridge before upgrading to a Lyra Helikon and it was great! This table is so easy and satisfying. The only reason I'd switch is to try a suspended table, like a MIchelle or Avid.

Used VPI Scout.
A new Rega P5.
Sota Comet III w/RB301 arm
Origin Live Aurora MK2 - about $1350 (new)and then add your own arm. I am using a modified RB300 and Sumiko Blackbird with mine and it is dead quiet. If you can find one used it would be an even better deal but they seam to be rare on the used market. There is a lsting for one now (not mine) with an upgraded OL Silver tonearm but it is a little over your stated goal for cost due to the upgraded tonearm.
Rega P5
I'll second the VPI Scout recommendation - see Art Dudley's review in Stereophile - he was right, VPI knocked this one right out of the park! Right around your budget too!
If you're looking for a new cartridge, as well, within your $ 1500 budget........a great package to consider would be the Rega P3-24/ TT-PSU/ Exact 2. It should sound mighty sweet, with no appreciable motor noise. I suggest you check the archived forums. There are many very well written threads on this topic. Good Luck and Happy Listening !!
I'd want to hear a Scheu Cello.
Three Technics SL-1200s or only one with a tone arm upgrade.
There are a couple nice Rega P5's currently listed in the classified, all under your price point. I've been down the road with the Pro-Ject tables and really like the Rega. No messing around... just good sound!
8-26-09: Nick_sr
Three Technics SL-1200s or only one with a tone arm upgrade.
For a review of an SL1200 fitted with a SME 309, download ToneAudio Magazine issue #22 here, and go to the review on page 15, "The Journeyman Audiophile: TakingThe Technics SL-1200 to the Max," where publisher/reviewer Jeff Dorgay concludes:
I can't think of a more musically revealing turntable for this kind of money and I've heard most of them.... The Sound HiFi modded Technics SL-1200 gets my highest recommendation, and you can plan on seeing it around here for a long time as my reference table at this price point.