Hi all, I just won an auction on Evil Bay for a vintage Yamaha integrated amp that I used to have back in the day. Included in the price was the matching tuner. I really don't need the latter since I hate FM radio now but is there a way to receive pandora or something of the like on an old school tuner?   It appears to be as in as great of shape as the amp and I would like to utilize it occasionally. Thanks.
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bad news - see Tuner info center - fmtuner.com

nice looking tho
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Thx - i am pretty specific, as I have 3 tuners right now.

here is one for sale for comparison tho:
Good luck - it is a nice looking unit.
All the old FM tuners (I have several!) only receive over-the-air broadcasts via an antenna. And unless you are near a college station (I can tune in to WUSF Tampa 89.7) only cr*ppy commercial stations are available. Keep the Yamaha as a museum piece and listen to Internet radio!
Indeed. By now internet radio is at least as good (though with different weaknesses) as FM. Some higher bitrate stations are even far better. And you get the world in your home. Just add a Chromecast Audio to an existing system and you are done.
+1 willemj .     I'm lucky to live near a very good NPR Classical station, though even with a few great tuners I listen to FM very little these days...though I do love my vintage Yamaha CA-810 (fully refurbished) and CT-810...