low profile tuners?

I just ordered a Naim Nait 5i int-amp and now am looking for a thin, low-profile FM tuner out there that has VG reception quality. Anyone have any favorites?
Something < 3" tall would be great.

Carver TX-11a is just a tad taller perhaps, has very good reception and sound, looks nice, and does not cost much.
Thanks, I'll look into the TX-11a. I've seen good postings on it. I also just found the Parasound Ztuner V.2 on their web site ... very compact!

The Sony XDRF1HD. Very compact, looks pleasant and has outstanding sound with great reception. The HD capability is a blast too. And it is a bargain. I've had mine for about four months and use it 12-14 hours a day. It's been nothing but a joy to have.
I have a Luxman TX 117. It stacks up well in the shootouts. I enjoy the sound quality and it is quite slim in profile.
I've been very happy w/ a Denon TU-767 in a rack w/ a NAIT5 (I think there were also lower Denon models w/ the same profile). It was a very-well-reviewed unit in its day - mid 80s.

See Tuner Information Center.
If you want a great analog FM only Nikko Gama 1 is a great one there are a few listed on Ebay check them out.
The Linn Kremlin is about 3" in height and it's LK box is small and fairly unobtrusive. The reception and sound is stunning. And they are going for around 1/5 of their original cost used these days ($1000 - $1200).
Yamaha Tuners from their "NATURAL SOUND" line also do well in tuner shootouts. Just sold a T-2 yesterday right here.
There was a lot of interest. I also own a Magnum Dynalab
Etude (3.5")&(nfs) and it sounds real good with a dead quiet background.
You could go with an older Sony ES tuner like the ST-S730es, the ST-S700es or the ST- S707es.

Actually I have an S700es I would sell you at a good price. Pm me if you are interested.


I have an Audiolab 8000T, less than 3" tall and a terrific AM/FA\M tuner. Well reviewed as well. They turn up occasionally on A'gon. Good luck.

Additional note -- the Audiolab is black and ought to look good with the Naim 5i.

Also, lots of good tuner info at www.fmtunerinfo.com

There is a Naim NAT 05 for sale right now on A'Gon. You should buy it immediately. This would be the perfect match.
Naim tuners are as good as it gets. I have compared them against some of the best, including Magnum Dynalab.
I have no relation to the seller, BTW
Marantz has lots of great Fm tuners, with good reception. http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?_nkw=marantz+tuner
Creek T40 or 43. I just sold mine for a Magnum Dynalab, but a wonderful, cheap good sounding tuner, about 2 inches tall, beat that. The current T50 is a bit taller I think, but still pretty slim