tuners, the red headed stepchild?

Why don't tuners get more respect? Talk about a passive component, just turn them on and walk away. They're the easiest way to get hours of uninterrupted music, yet compared to other sources, they are an afterthought.
If you have good radio stations that would be true.Sadly,there just aren't that many good stations.
not bad in the Raleigh area -- 2 jazz stations, one good classical, wcpe - also streams, good blues Thurs and Fri nites on wsha 88.9
gotta find a decent tuner with good pulling power
I think they get a lot of respect if, as Tpreaves says, you have some decent stations nearby. I do and have a small collection of them.

As a little insurance against the future, I have an FM transmitter in my house that can broadcast whatever I plug into it all thru the house to my various tuners and table radios. Right now I'm listening to XM playing on my 10b. Go figure.
respect--- looks like they get the least amount of bytes online compared to other sources
I found a nice tuner at Goodwill. I sold the top of the line Onkyo for a third of it's resale value just because I hate FM, and pity anyone who craves it.
Tuners suck.
First you have to be near some good stations that MAY have an hour or two hour program of actually decent stuff. Other then THAT hopeful scenario (New York City, L.A.) you have to put up with all the garbage BESIDES the music. (Unless it is a public station, or a college station then maybe just a LITTLE less of the verbiage))
Folks complain about all the snap crackle pop on LPs. Man, I can't stand all the EXTRA LOUD.. DID I MENTION IT IS LOUDER THAN THE MUSIC.. talk, adverts, and general trash that calls itself FM radio. maybe if you can stand all the trash, AND acually ENJOY top 40 from 1982, or 1969 or whatever oldy, moldy stuff they repeat and repeat, and repeat, and repeat and, repeat.. etc, or really bad country, or Rush Limburger, or call ins trashing SOMEBODY.. etc
If Cable TV is the great wasteland.. Broadcast FM is the great dumpster.
Gee I wonder if Elizabeth DOESN'T LIKE FM?
(PS I own 2,000 CDs and 6,000 LPs... let alone the internet.. I got music.)
Elizabeth -- NYC has awful radio. location, location, location.
Tell us how you really feel :)
The nature of radio is changing, making analog tuners redundant IMHO. Digital, web-based streams have opened up the world of live broadcasting. I sold my tuner a few years ago soon after buying a Squeezebox. Many, if not most stations these days have web-based broadcasts that come in without interference and sound as good as most mid-fi tuners once processed through a good DAC. All the local stations I would ever listen to on a tuner, I can now get via web, plus thousands of other stations from all over the world. Why would I ever go back?
The only good station here is NPR (National Public Radio). It has a nice variety of music including classical, jazz, blues and blue grass. There is an old fashioned radio show with interesting stories and characters, world news and interviews with musical groups performing their new recordings.
And the sound quality is good too.
One great station makes a tuner worth it.
I've traditionally been a regular tuner user.

However, since acquiring the Roku networked music players and putting in a music server, I hardly use the tuner at all anymore.

I can program my own preferences into randomly generated playlists using the Roku and my own music library on the server, plus I have access to hundreds of good sounding internet stations. Not to mention a backlog of vinyl to listen to when I can.

My backlog of things to listen to is magnitudes larger than ever before these days.

I do listen to FM a lot in the car though still these days.

"The times they are a changing..."
My garage system is tuner only. I have 3 antenna's hooked up in the rafters so I get static free, long distance (if required) reception.

It's exactly what I need when I'm out there, as I don't have time to fiddle around when I'm working on something. It's a detached garage w/no insulation or climate control, so the gear has to be hardy.
there are Sirius ready tuners
Unsound is right: even one great, or even good, station makes a good tuner essential, and the range of quality in tuners is far greater than, e.g., CD players. Good FM analogue broadcast on a good tuner can be spectacular. Some of the best sound I have ever heard out of my systems over the years has been live concertcasts via FM.

Here in Tampa we have WMNF community radio which is a great eclectic music station, broadcasts lots of stuff live from their studio, and has superb alternative public affairs programming. -- available online BTW, and well as on 3 channels of HD radio, featuring different programming. It's one of the best things about Tampa bay area. It would justify a big tuner expense.
I agree wholly. Besides, it's nice not to keep getting up to change the CD or LP. In budget brands, which ones are good? I am thinking about the new NAD 515. Good means sound-able to make compressed signals sound better - and good signal pulling power.
Whoever says NYC has bad radio either doesn't live here or doesn't listen to the many, many, worthwhile stations and programs.
Every metro are has its NPR at least one classical station. Take away those and all the talk talk stations, and what's left? Limited playlist hip hop, classic rock, and pop? Does NY have eclectic oldies with R&B, wide range classic rock, regularly playing Chicago or Delta Blues or Jazz? Hmmm?
I was looking for an Onkyo Integra 4711 tuner.
Does anyone here have one?
Good used tuners can be had for less than the price of many power cords, interconnects, etc..
Theduke has it "DIALED" in.
There is plenty of great radio in the NYC area.
Garn509 and others - May I make just a few suggestions?
Want classic soul and funk? Across 110th Street
Without a doubt one of the greatest Jazz stations in the country!
(Fordham Univ. Voice)
New and classic music with great shows on SAT.afternoon
into the late hours and Sunday mornings.
Want Classical?
Try WQXR 96.3FM Great quality signal!!
So many stations-so little time.
A'goners outside the NYC area might check out these web sites. All are public supported.
Unsound - your right! Tuners can be had for cheap and sound better than snake oil cords.

Yes, NYC has all of what you mention and them some.

Do you want want oldies, doo-wop and vintage R&B, then try WFDU and WFUV.

Do you want vintage country and American roots music? Try WFMU and WKCR.

Do you want classic jazz, try WBGO. Do you want avant-garde jazz? Try WKCR.

Do you want classical music? Try WQXR.

Do you want 20th century classical music? Try WQXR2.

Why there's even a show on WFMU which specializes in acoustical recordings (Edison wax cylinders!).

Want to know about other genres? Please ask!

Garn509, do you live in the NYC listening area? If you do then you know not what you speak.

If you don't live here, why are you knocking a city with a fine radio scene?

Last word: Do your homework before making incorrect statements.
Am corrected, thanks. Did you see this, Elizabeth?
yeah lizzy don't sugar coat it