Tube upgrades for Prima Luna Prologue 1


I have a Prima Luna Prologue 1 (I think this came out *before* the classic). I'm looking to upgrade the tubes, just to experiment.

Currently I am using the included tubes:
2 - 12AX7
2 - 12AU7
4 - EL34

Any suggestions?

Hi Jim -

The PL1 has an auto-biasing feature, so you can swap in tubes without having to perform any additional work to the amp.

The PL1 is biased to the EL 34, 6CA7, 6L6, 7581, and KT66 power tubes.

For new production tubes, the Tung Sol or Gold Lion brands are very good.  Expect to pay $200 or so for a quartet of tubes.

For the pre-amp tubes, NOS would be a nice way to go as these tubes really help shape the sound and last a very long time.  Expensive way to go though.  NOS Mullards or Sylvania are sweet.  Most likely you will go with new production and so Gold Lion or Tung Sol or Mullard will do the trick.

Prima Luna was the brain child of Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio.  You can also speak with them for assistance.


I have owned this amp before and rolled a lot of tubes.  I can recommend these.
12ax7 - Mullard reissues, GE 5751.
12au7 - not that important, NOS Raytheon, GE, RCA should be fine.
Power tubes - JJ 6CA7 - big sound and really helps the bass.  Svetlana 6550 is fine too.
I do not own your amp, but the new Tungsol 12ax7 is a great tube.   I have used it in a few components and it is one of the better new production.