primare cd31 with Dac

I currently own a cd31 and I am thinking of buying an outboard dac. My main motivation is to stream computer audio, but I also may want to use it with my cd31. Does anyone have any opinions on an outboard dac? How much would I have to spend to best the primare's internal dac?

Any input would be welcome. I enjoy female vocals and live acoustic music.

Many thanks
Really? No one has any thoughts?
That's an easy one. Go listen to the new DAC7 from Audio Research... it has 5 digital in's, one of which is a USB (for your computer).

The CD31 is a great source, and very musical. The DAC7 is a category killer, very, very musical -- as long as you give it 600+ hours to break in. It's fully balanced too.
thanks Adamand....I was considering that. I appreciate your thoughts on this. Many thanks.