Tube Pre amp with tone control suggestions

Hello all. 
I am considering going to a preamp with tone controls. I know its not the purist point of view but wth it's all about what I like to hear. I have an Audio Note M6 with Phono right now, considered pretty good but I miss tweaking that bass or treble on certain recordings. My solid state gear gives me that ability and I like it.
My thoughts are a few Mac's like the C20 or C22 or the MX110.

How about up to $5k on the used market and it doesn't have to have Phono.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I have a Luxman CL-38 tube preamp which has tone controls. It also has a great phono stage and remote control for volume and mute.

It will be in your price range used. About $6k new.
I also own the Luxman CL-38U SE for a couple of years. I second the phono stage. It has 4 SUT's 2 for MC high and 2 for MC low. It handles a Dynavector Karat 17 DX. The late Art Dudley gave it a Stereophile Class A rating.
Thanks for bringing luxman to my attention. Do you have any experience or knowledge of the CL 35 lineup. There's two for sale I see a Mk 2 and Mk3. 
I bought an mx110z, one of the best purchases ever made. Extremely versatile old-school, balance, tones, optional low volume 'loudness', 

Terrific sound, great tuner, great sounding Phono, two phono, ...

this helped me decide

McIntosh Mode switch is a great help when balancing your speakers, setting anti-skate, playing mono lps thru only 1 speaker ...

If mine died, I would replace it without even loooking at anything else.

I use SUT for MC cartridge to keep using mx110z's phono!

IF you want to keep an existing preamp or integrated amp, lacking some features, this Chase RLC-1 provides remote volume, remote balance, remote treble and bass, so you make all adjustments from your listening position.

It’s S/N is 120db, no one can tell if it is in or out of my system.

None on eBay now, this one was sold but it shows it well

It also has built-in fletcher musnon ’loudness’ for bass boost at low volumes, only engages at low volumes.