Tube Pre amp with tone control suggestions

Hello all. 
I am considering going to a preamp with tone controls. I know its not the purist point of view but wth it's all about what I like to hear. I have an Audio Note M6 with Phono right now, considered pretty good but I miss tweaking that bass or treble on certain recordings. My solid state gear gives me that ability and I like it.
My thoughts are a few Mac's like the C20 or C22 or the MX110.

How about up to $5k on the used market and it doesn't have to have Phono.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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I bought an mx110z, one of the best purchases ever made. Extremely versatile old-school, balance, tones, optional low volume 'loudness', 

Terrific sound, great tuner, great sounding Phono, two phono, ...

this helped me decide

McIntosh Mode switch is a great help when balancing your speakers, setting anti-skate, playing mono lps thru only 1 speaker ...

If mine died, I would replace it without even loooking at anything else.

I use SUT for MC cartridge to keep using mx110z's phono!

IF you want to keep an existing preamp or integrated amp, lacking some features, this Chase RLC-1 provides remote volume, remote balance, remote treble and bass, so you make all adjustments from your listening position.

It’s S/N is 120db, no one can tell if it is in or out of my system.

None on eBay now, this one was sold but it shows it well

It also has built-in fletcher musnon ’loudness’ for bass boost at low volumes, only engages at low volumes.
Just to throw an idea in the ring

Use a Vintage Tube Receiver, i.e. Fisher 500C

pull the power tubes, just use the preamp's extensive features.

Out to your power amp(s) two ways:

1. tape out to amp in

2. pull the jumpers on the deck (intended for a reverb unit), use the l/r out to amp

I have two. When you clean all the controls and switches with contact cleaner, they are very quiet and sound terrific. 

here's a listing that shows it well, there are many for sale, and of course other brands receivers, using tape out will work.

At least once, try it as power for your speakers, you might fall in love.