Tube Pre amp with tone control suggestions

Hello all. 
I am considering going to a preamp with tone controls. I know its not the purist point of view but wth it's all about what I like to hear. I have an Audio Note M6 with Phono right now, considered pretty good but I miss tweaking that bass or treble on certain recordings. My solid state gear gives me that ability and I like it.
My thoughts are a few Mac's like the C20 or C22 or the MX110.

How about up to $5k on the used market and it doesn't have to have Phono.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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Thanks for the continued replies.

Interesting on the suggestion to use an old tube integrated. I have several of them right now actually that I might just try this with to get an Idea of what it would sound like. 

Sony model 250 
Fisher X100 
Scott Lk48 
Dynaco SCA 35 

All working units

Thanks for bringing luxman to my attention. Do you have any experience or knowledge of the CL 35 lineup. There's two for sale I see a Mk 2 and Mk3. 
Interesting. My amps are single ended, Audio Note P4 mono block's, but I am not sure about the pre amp
All excellent suggestions. I have several Subs I have put in and out. Don't really want to go to sub route. I have a good sub and it definitely does add to it
, I have various speakers that I can use cornwall's tannoy mg12 a few others. I know none of these speakers lack the bass when being put to them. I will look into that $149 option.