Tube amps demonstrated with totem element series

Hi I am currently getting ready to buy my first house, and planning to use my totem forests for my first home theatre. Which have been using them for my 2 channel system. I am looking to for a new totem speaker for my 2 channel system.

I'm planing to move up the totem line since having such success with the forests. The totem winds are out of the question since they are to difficult to drive for tube amps.

I am wondering what tube amps have been demonstrated with the totem element series? At audio shows and local dealers? I know that vince at totem has had a demo some type of tube amp with the Earths. But do not know the brand.

I have a cary cad120s and slp-98 which is a perfect match for the Forests in triode mode. Which is 60 watts and sounds just as loud as the Ultra-liner mode which is 120watts just more cleaner. It can fill a 600square foot room no problem. I am aiming towards the Totem Metal, or the Earth speakers which is more in my line of budget.

Let me know your suggestions, thanks.
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Forests are the best choice for the tube amplification in Totem line due to their stable 8Ohm impedance. The models you're shopping for will require tripple power you have in ultra-linear and will less-likely benefit from tube amplification. You would have to plan to replace your amp with large power solid state. You may keep your tube pre however.
Well, the model 1's are not known for their efficiency and I heard Vince demo them many years ago with the medium powered Audio Prism amp. Sounded fantastic, and years later, I became a Totem owner with the Forests because of it. My point is that speaker/amp pairing can surprise you. Czar is right though about the Forest's kind impedance, I'm using 15 watt tube mono's. I don't know much about the Element series, so not sure what you can expect. Your Cary though does have pretty healthy tube power.
If possible you should take you amps to a Totem dealer and have hem set up a demo. See and listen.
I owned the Totem 1 speakers(86 db and 4 ohm load) 17 -18 years ago and had a Symphonic Line SS amplifier and the Audio Prism Debut II el34 40 watt amplifier. Logic would dictate that the S. Line would be the far better choice. With direct comparisons in my system The Audio Prism just sounded better and had a more natural and emotional presentation. That long ago experience was a true revelation.
I'd recommend listening to both tube and SS amps and decide based on what you hear. It could go either way for you.
I am considering the element Earth since demoed with some type of 60 watt A/B tube amp, I think it was Rogers HiFi at rocky mountain audio fest. The earth is more efficient then the forest and same specks for power requirements. But my dealer who has been in the audio business for the past 30+ years said the more parts in your crossover effects the loudness of a speaker which the earth speakers do not have a crossover in the woofer path and only a capacitor for only the tweeter.

Sorry Though I do not except suggestion of solid state power amps. Every one said I need a 150+watt power amp to drive the forests though they where totally wrong after I demoed them with my old 40watt class A triode tube integrated amp.

If only high powered solid state power amps work with the element series why would vince be demonstrating these speakers with tube equipment, at high end and really recognized audio shows?
Yes, just listen and trust your ears. Good luck Jakecanada.
Contact Totem and ask them directly.
Well, there you go then. You'll have no trouble driving the Earth's with just a cap on the tweeter. Like the good old KLH and Dynaco 2-ways of the past. I've been inside the Forest and the crossovers are much more complex. Taking your amp into the dealer is still a good idea if you are dead set on sticking with it. Beware though that dealer demo's quite often suffer compared to your home set-up no matter how much money they throw at a system. It would be a shame to miss out on some great synergy just because you weren't wowed in the store.
I demoed the Totem Earths with Mcintosh gear and then a Rogue Cronus Magnum integrated amp and the Rogue had no problem driving the speakers. I was skeptical at first but the dealer hooked the Earths up to the Rogue and it was all good. I keep forgetting that tube power is different from SS and you don't need as much.
I still don't get the "fill the larger room" issue with systems...I have a large-ish house and my modest tube amp and not so large speaker system can make the whole place shake if people live in Zeppelin hangers? Sit 50 yards from the speakers? It keeps coming up...I get that larger, "full range" speakers actually need more room to make large sound waves, but that's for them, not you. Sit within 9 feet of any decent system with your obligatory "I NEED realistic orchestral dynamics" rig and it should easily be able to blow the crumbs out of your pathetic "Im a biker/beatnik/old hipster" soul patch, if needed ("Bob, put that Bud down and listen to that oboe imaging!"). Most adults don't dance so much at home (although they should whenever possible) these days, and if you need to fill large spaces loudly you really need a decent PA system (I have one, don't ask). To sum up: Support your local stupid music store and buy PA systems...they're great for announcing things.