Triangle Alphas

I am enjoying my new Alphas only 1 year old I am using Goldnote PA 10 mono blocks with Ds10 pre/dac/streamer also have PSU Evo 10 power supply     after my online research I am seeing more recommendations for tube/ hydrid amplifiers ie Aesthetix Mimas or  Modwright 225i maybe a Unison Research I keeping reading Parasound are warm .My friend has a Krell 300 I on at pair of Audiovector r3 Avantguarde it does sound awesome maybe it's that first 90 watts class A my cables are Cardas clear 


No triangle owners just looking for any comments on your systems 

Triangle owner here, sorry. Triangles love tube amps, I'd put a pair of Quicksilver KT Mono blocks on it, you will love it. 

Thanks Russ69  I will checkout   Quicksilver and a couple of hybrid amps

The hybrid amps like the Unico are nice amps but a Quicksilver is a big step up from that. 

If Inwas to explore the hybrid route who is at the top of that chain 

Let us know your experience if the plan is to bring the Mimas

Hybrid kings are Pathos, Vincent, and I think PS has had some success. 

I have owned all 3 and the only one I would purchase again is Pathos.