Oracle, Alphason and what Cartridge?

After 16 years (long story), I unpacked my Oracle Premier and Alphason HR-100MCS and looking to buy a cartridge.
Two questions, I hope you can help me with:
1. Alphason's owner manual has no mention of effective mass. CartridgeDB lists it as 8.5 g, but I've seen online 11 g few times and 13.5 g once. Anybody knows?
2. Oracle and Alphason have in my opinion similar sonic signatures - transparent, fast and airy (little light). What cartridge would put some meat on front end's skinny bones? I'm thinking used $1,000 or little over.
I use a ZU 103 on my HR-100MCS and absolutely love the results. $400 gets you in the big leagues with the Alphason.
Here's a link I found with the owners manual. I think it said 13g.
I went back to CartridgeDB site and noticed, that Alphason Xenon was listed as 13 grams effective mass. It didn't make sense. I knew, that Xenon was just a lower spec HR-100S with the same architecture, so I clicked on Xenon owner's manual and there it was:

Effective mass - Hr-100S 13g, Opal 13g, Xenon 13g, Delta 15g.
Suitable for cartridges with compliances up to 35cu.

I guess, they overlooked the spec on the early production HR-100S and added info to later model arms. That makes my HR-100MCS compatible with many more cartridges.
Now I just have to pick a cartridge, that will balance out slightly light character of Oracle Premier/Alphason combo.
I know, that Alphason/Koetsu was a popular match, but I'm looking for more options...
On my HR100MCS I use a gem of a cartridge designed by Mark Levinson... remember the Madrigal Carnegie One? Incredibly open and airy, but also a bit light in the bottom if the VTA is not dead on.

What also really helps low end response is vibration damping. My Alphason Sonata turntable's heavy suspension makes the low end of this cartridge so real and natural. So whatever you choose, play with the VTA and consider some of the new damping platforms you can put under your table.
the alphason HR 100MCS is a design masterpiece. Don't ever let it go as you'll regret it later on. The internal wires may be getting tired, so if you do change with wires, it will have no problem competing with the modern day superarms.