Alphason 100S tonearm tracking force adjustment

Anybody know how to zero balance an Alphason 100S and dial in a new tracking force? If I ever had an instruction manual for my Alphason it is now long gone and I can't seem to find one on the internet. The vinylengine website came up empty, sorry to say.  What's worse, I haven't been able to find any sort of techie on my new island home to do the job for me. I live on the Big Island of Hawaii and don't want to have to put my turntable into the hands of a shipper.

In any event, my Lyra Delos' days are clearly numbered. For sure, I wouldn't be averse to trying a different cartridge model/brand, but until I know how to adjust tracking force I'll be stuck just getting a new Delos. ...Not that this so terrible, of course. I've got the Denneson Alignment tool armed & ready. And oh yeah, I'd need get a scale, too.


Nice arm.  Used it many moons ago with a Monster Alpha2.

From the manual:


Screw out the counterbalance thimble until the black ring is just visible.  Fit the counterweight to the thimble and adjust until arm is balanced.  Tighten the counterweight locking screw.  Apply the tracking force by screwing in the counterweight/counterweight thimble.  Once complete turn provides 0.25g tracking force with the standard counterweight.

(*1)Tracking Force Per turn

(*2)Recommended Cartridge Mass

(*3)Max. Range of Cartridge Mass

Standard Counterweight (provided with arm)

 (*1)0.25g (*2)3-8g (*3)3-15g



Small Counterweight (*1)0.20g (*2)0-4g (*3)8-25g

Intermediate Counter (*1)0.30g (*2)8-13g (*3)8-25g

Large Counterweight (*1)0.40g (*2)12-20g (*3)12-30g


Thanks. I have yet to give it a go because it's not absolutely 100% clear what the thimble exactly is. Is it the black end-piece that fastens the counterweight to the arm? An educated guess at best. Is there a Brit on this website who might give me a clue? I promise I won't bring up the old cliche about us being divided by the same language!

By cracky, did I just find the tiny allen screw on the side of the counterweight that, when loosened, might allow me to adjust the force? Do I dare to eat a peach?

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In addition to following the instructions given you by Dover and frogman, you would be well advised to purchase any one of the many digital VTF gauges  that are now available online. There is no need to spend a lot of money on one, but choose any one of them that places the weighing pan in the plane of a typical LP surface. The reason I advise making this purchase is that most often the gauge marks on a counter weight are approximate at best in their accuracy.

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