Transport or player?

Currently have a Parasound/CEC c-bd 2000 transport feeding into a Parasound AVC-2500 processor(DAC is actually very good!) via a AES/EBU cable. Combination has worked well for several years, but the laser is out in the transport. I've tried using the Pansonic H2000 dvd player as a transport, but it's not even close to music. Should I fix the transport for $200-$300? Or get the Sony XA5400es sacd player as I have quite a few sacd's that I've been playing on a Sony 775. Budget is about $1300. How would the XA5400ES compare to the Parasound(transport and dac) setup on redbook? I can hook up a cd player to the 5.1 inputs on the processor and bypass the dacs in the processor. Thanks for the advice!
The XA5400ES does not have 5.1 analog outputs. It has stereo analog (RCA + XLR), coax digital and HDMI.

I'm aware of the 5400 only having stereo outs besides the HDMI. My point was that the 5400 or any other cd player can be hooked up to the 5.1 input volume card just using the stereo outs and bypassing the internal DACS of the processor, which would let you use the processing power of the cd player. Of course you will only get 2 channel sound this way, which I understand. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks again!
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fix the parasound, buy the sony from someone with a return policy like crutchfield and compare the two directly. return or sell the "loser"

having only 20-30 SACDs, when my xa 777es needed a new laser/drive sled, I just had it fixed for about what you're looking at. it had twin lasers and both with a motor came in one unit. Once done, it was vastly improved.

however, I went another direction as my SACD supply was limited, and now do pc + HDD based music with no regrets. Albeit, I use an outboard DAC and don't have to rely upon my processor.

In your case, I'd do as suggested above, repair your's, try some other (s), or buy a Sony 777 or xa 777, or even a Marantz 8000 series, or if no Blue ray is in house, that Oppo BD 83 sure looks inviting. With the 1.3 HDMI you'll be able to use the processor that way or if no HDMI via the analog out of the players. I'd think too, the sonics will be vastly improved upon over the Parasound CDP.

In fact I plan on getting an Oppo blue ray later this year.