Toslink Connection Flakey

I just bought a PS Audio Superlink D/A converter on eBay in order to enhance my Airlink experience with an Airport Express. Unfortunately, the optical connector on the back of the Superlink is flakey and only connects when jiggled. There is a screw on the outside of the box that holds the plastic connector in place. After playing with the screw and a few jiggles, the intermittent signal stopped. Now, no optical signal.

Can anyone suggest a fix?
Sounds like a bad TOSLINK connector. Is it still under warranty from PS Audio.
Nope, this is a "classic" from 1992. I didn't pay much for it and I can use the coax connection with my headphone system. Wonder if the eBayer that I bought it from checked it beforehand. (He isn't responding to my emails...)
Did you use paypal? Stop payment-that should get his attention.
My eBay seller is now responding, saying that the optical connection worked before he sent it out. He suggested that I "clean" the connection. How the heck do you do that?
Sounds like nonsense to me.
Yep. Well, I bought a optical/coax converter (CO2 by M Audio) and was able to get the PS Audio Superlink working. Emailed the eBay seller reporting that everything (including the toslink cable that I was using) works except that optical connector on the back. Asked him what he would like to do. Usually eBayers are sensitive about negative feedback, so I await his response.

Thanks for the help.
Honestly the problem may be a dirty port. I work with fiber gear on a daily basis and can attest to the fact that ports do get dirty and it does cause problems.

To clean the port is pretty simple and there are many companies which offer fiber cleaning kits.

If you don't want to buy a kit you can simply use a Q-tip and some 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. Insert the Q-tip and rotate one revolution then remove. If you want to clean it again use a new Q-tip as the old one will have particles which could scratch the port surface. Repeat for all mating surfaces and see if anything changes.

Here is more information that you would ever care to know about the subject, but it's all useful.

Good luck... there is really nothing to it.