Time to irritate the community!

I've seen some threads lately about cover songs. Isn't classical music mostly covers?
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Classical music performances, I assume?  Sure.  As with cover songs, they are artists' interpretations, and we like some better than others.  I'm not irritated.
Yea covers irritating. don't listen to'em.
...And your point is?
No point, just babbling.
Does anyone have any statistics about numbers of "Re-recordings" whatever they are called? I presume a hugely downward trend, but maybe I presumeth too much?
If extrapolated how long will it take to get down to single figures?
It really is like banging on an old drum, they should state clearly on any new recordings WHAT USP they have. Unless they bring something new and impressive to the table, don't bother.
Pretty much all hip hop are regurgitated samples.......thats irritating. 
Some covers aren't too bad- Leslie West has a pretty good new effort available.