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Does a turntable make a DRAMATIC difference?
All turntables sound different, so you may be very pleased with one and so disappointed in another. I have "wasted" a lot of money on this saga and I have reached a point where I am happy vs my digital set up. I am dragged into long listening sess... 
Which wire for internal recabling my speakers?
Interesting question I bought a faulty pair of Proacs and looking inside the cables was pretty ordinary looking. I asked my repair man about upgrading and he told me that the present cable was decent and any upgrade might not produce worthwhile ... 
Threshold Stasis 5.0 preamp
This is the most unhelpful reply  anyone might expect from a supplier - Threshold Do they deserve any loyalty? "Thank you for your inquiry.  We are not allowed to give out such information.  That is a company policy. "    
Threshold Stasis 5.0 preamp
And, by the way, I am NOT Russian. I am English. My ex wife was Russian and I was married to her when I joined Audiogon many years ago. I could not find the 5.0 on the Logitech database  
Choosing a network player/streamer
I have 3 systems. The main one has a DCS Vivaldi stack and the other 2 have the Bryston BDP3 I have owned the top of range Melco and the Aurender, and Innuos statement also the tested the Tyko Extreme The DCS is by far the best .. surprise surpr... 
Digital Audio Output Differences? Is USB Audio Really The Top-notch?
I have never liked the usb connection, nor coax. I prefer aes and have gravitated to dual aes - yet a further improvement. And different cables provide different quality of course.  
Do I really need an " Audio Grade Network Switch "?
I have a DCS Vivaldi stack. And I CAN tell you that different switches sound different. I have gravitated to an entreq switch  
I'm confused - Different music...different speakers?
I have a different system for analogue and a different one or digital. Amps and cables and speakers naturally lend themselves to one or the other. There seems to be no universal compatibility  
Roon Streaming Service actually Degrades the sound
I have a dcs Vivaldi stack etc and confirm that to my ears the Roon is  backwards step. I have uninstalled and do not miss it  
RCA Splitter to convert a single RCA output into two
My technical guru made  powered doubling box for rca/coax so I can feed television into my upsampler and dac etc. Works well. If you want a quote message me My research company is True Fidelity Limited and we do all sorts of strange products for ... 
DISCUSSION: "It only comes out at night". Does anyone else have this experience!?
It is very much a power grid matter. In UK they change over generators of an evening, usually around 9pm and I can hear the sound suddenly kick in. My research company True Fidelity is working on a solution - watch this space!  
If a " system " cannot do this, I move on........
I wouldn;t say Adele recordings are any good at all. If you think they sound good, well ... it stopped me readung the rest of your post  
Best phono stage for Lyra Etna SL cartridge?
I found the Lyra particularly smooth. Having a smooth type phonostage may be a bridge too far 
Roon for high end audio?
I tried Roon for  few years. It does NOT provide quality of SOUND that is touted around here and I hate the file management. There you go. I use a DCS stack and the Roon "processes" are not useful at all at this level 
Noise floors
I do not understand all this, apart from identifying that if there is much snow on the ground outside, then the sound inside is great