Time to have a break from Hardware swapping

If I keep changing hardware, it is hard to enjoy music.

I had not changed any major audio components between 2013 to July 2018 except adding inexpensive Cocktail Audio X12 music server.

But during last one year period, I had done major renovation except the speaker (Lansche4.1 which I will keep for my life) spending 50k$.

Today I pulled the trigger for end game headphone system of Stax 009S and KGSSHV Carbon amp.

I will have two years of break and just enjoy music.

But from time to time, I can try inexpensive tweaks like tube rolling.

I have NOS WE 300B tube made in 1940’s which I had run more than 10k hours on it without any problem.

I plan to get another pair of NOS WE 300B tube on August as reserve, but it will be an investment or safety for mind.

Next stop is to get top music server like SGM Extreme.

When I had listened to it on May, I got impressed with natural sound out of it.

But I will put it off for two years.

In two years better one can come out at more reasonable price.
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sounds like you described the life of an audio equipment reviewer

I can relate:)I did some upgrading over the past year after a long hiatus and it gets tedious after a while.Time to kick back and just enjoy:)
Ha Ha

Actually I am happy with the sound out of my system after 50K$ renovation.

In addition, I can expect to get beautiful sound out of Stax headphone next week.

That is good enough.

I do not want to be greedy.

I may have 3 years of break instead of 2 years.