Tidal adds hi-res audio streams with 'Tidal Masters'

Music streaming service Tidal has announced that, starting TODAY, it will be providing MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) audio to subscribers of the Tidal HiFi package at no extra cost.

Tidal HiFi account owners can upgrade their account (for free) with the tick of that new "HiFi / Master" option in Tidal's settings menu and stream from "more than 30,000" MQA encoded tracks. Right now.

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I asked Aurender if they support this new feature.    I wonder if Roon supports this new Tidal feature. This is very cool with more than 30,000" MQA encoded tracks. Right now!!!!

Thanks hgeifman.
There's been a Master Quality option in Tidal's streaming/setup menu for some time now.  It appears to have been functional too based on my use with a Dragonfly Red.  How does this current announcement change things from what had been available previously?  Thanks again.

Correct.  I do not believe this announcement changes anything.  

This is the first time I discovered that the HiFi / Master" option in Tidal's settings menu provides streaming from "more than 30,000" MQA encoded tracks.  Based on your comments, I guess it is not so new.  

My Aurender N10 does not support these additional 30,000 MQA coded tracks and I am waiting for Aurender Customer Support to advise.  Thanks. 

This is a good news for those that do not own MQA compatible DAC’s. The Tidal desktop app is now doing the second unfold of MQA encoded files, allowing end users to stream music at 24bit/96kHz resolution. 

Prior to this upgrade, MQA files were limited to 24bit/48kHz resolution through a non-MQA compatiable DAC.  

Hope this helps!

As per the Tidal web site:

To use Master, you need to have a TIDAL HiFi account.

The Master audio playback quality is ONLY available in the TIDAL desktop application. 
Thanks for that info.  
This news is a year old. The desktop AP for tidal offers first unfold of MQA for over a year now...

@shadorne, Whoops, this was my error and you are correct.  I saw the words “January 5th” and thought it was today and did not see the year.  I apologize for my error.  I thought that Tidal has added an additional 30,000 songs more than what is already available. 

Please ignore my incorrect post.  I wonder if Audiogon can delete it.  
@hgeifman No need for an apology.
For some reason I have a very limited selection of masters on my node2, anyone else having this issue? I logged out of Tidal and re-booted the node and still having the issue. 
The Absolute Sound Magazine, January 2018, Issue #279, Page 136, reports "there are 5,000 MQA Coded Albums available and their Aurender Conductor App only lists less than 500 of them".

My Aurender N10 Server ALSO ONLY lists less than 500 MQA Coded albums on my Masters (MQA) Tab.  I asked but do NOT know why the Aurender is only showing less than 500 MQA Coded Albums.  This could be a Tidal issue, or Aurender, or both.  I do not know and, unfortunately, I have been unable to get an answer.   

How many MQA Coded albums are appearing on your Node2?   Has this number changed recently or has it always remained the same?
I’d say maybe around 300 or so. I’ve only just started browsing the library so I cant say for sure. 
I have a tab on my Aurender Conductor App named "Masters" and all available MQA Coded albums are listed in this section.  

Do you have sometime similar on your Node2 or do you have to just look for MQA Coded albums?   If you have to manually search for MQA albums, it is not going to be easy.  I asked my friend who also has a Node2 and will post his reply when I get it.
Yes there is a tab in the menu and when you click “show all” you can browse all the available albums. Thank you for the response!
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44.1kHz out Android bottleneck Tidal jailbreak:

1. UAPP app.
2. xDSD 
3. AKG K 702

Now secondary MQA unfolding in the xDSD reasults in some tracks doing 350kHz, 24bit, 1500kbs. Sounds like SACD to my ears, unbelievable!