This site will be a happy waste of productivity :

Stumbled upon this off an audiogon ad:

Promptly spent a few hours browsing through many pictures of hitherto unknown speakers and systems. I felt like I was looking at alien species.
Pretty extensive advertisement.
09-19-11: Theo
Pretty extensive advertisement.
What this site tells you is that audio is all about eye candy. Who said visual design does not matter, it keeps the business alive, since improvement in actual sound occurs very rarely.
True dat on all fronts. Someone spent a lot of time on website design. Still, there're a lot of components I had never even heard of - and I've been following and indulging in high- and mid-end audio for over a decade (not that that's too long of a time)...
I think the fact that you (or we) haven't heard of most of these brands, and that they are winning awards, gotta ask who's voting? I suspect strongly that it is, the dealer, he is hoping for some novice to see these and jump on them like a cat on cheese covered mouse. But if they aren't in the mainstream of common audiophilia, I see it as a extensive advertisment. It may be good gear, it may even be fantastic gear, but without a demo and a track record, I think I'll wait to see who's drug off the battlefield.
When they misspelled "received" in the second paragraph I was thinking twice about continuing on...
Music is an obsession or just an afterthought. Happy hunting! Questions? Just ask.
The gear sold by higherfi and the prices makes agon look like ebay.

Are those guys really high or what? WHo can afford that stuff?