Thiel 2.4 with NAD integrateds

I have seen various threads regarding amplifier recommendations for Thiel 2.4 and am mulling them over. Nobody has commented on the combination of the 2.4 with recent NAD offerings: the M3 or the C375BEE. Thoughts, anyone?
I've heard them sound pretty good with the M3. Source was the Rega Saturn.
Somewhat depends on your expectations of the 2.4s. I had good results with a 45 wpc CJ CAV50 tube integrated but now I am getting excellent results powering them with a 185 wpc CJ CA200 solid state integrated. The extra current extracts more content and dynamic contrast.
NAD integrated with Thiel 2.4??? .. Are you kidding?
I feed my Thiel 2.4 with two Parasound Halo JC1's and they are just enough!!
Well folks, I drive my Thiel 2.4s with NAD 375BEE. Is it enough? Absolutely. Could it use more power? Who couldn't.

Its at the point where I'm close to being 'there' but not quite. Can I get 85% out of my 2.4s at this point? Absolutely. Can I hear room for improvement? Yes. Does this gap bother me or prevent me from some serious listening and enjoyment? Not at all.

So for a $1200 amp (or cheaper in places), I think its quite a marvel for the NAD 375BEE to handle the 2.4s as it does. My next amp/preamp will be at least $5-6k in total costs thus a huge price jump for 10-15% expected improvement in performance.

My two cents. If you are on a budget, I cannot rate higher the NAD 375BEE.

As a stop gap measure they'll be Ok, but if you want your Thiels to perform to their potential, get a proper amp.
I use to power my cs2.4's with a 150w Krell but switched it out to a BAT 300w. The transition enables you to really hear what they are capable of top to bottom.

Thiel speakers crave current as above. A beefy solid state power amp will yield wonderful listening pleasure. Happy Listening.