Theta Data II good transport?

I have the opportunity to get a good deal on a theta data II, but I have never heard one. Is this a good transport and what are it's sonic characteristics? Is it known for anything in particular or is it a pretty neutral transport?
Ok so maybe I have already answered my own question. I searched through all the old threads and found out that the transport is no longer made, there are reliablity issues, but the sound is good when it is running. No thanks I would rather have a unit that is more reliable.
What about a used Wadia Transport and DAC or a new all in one such as the Audiomeca Keops or Audio Aero' new lower end model?
It has a great and detailed sound but to get it serviced is a pain and $$$. It takes a long time to find a first track on CD but if you're patient you won't pay attention to that.
It's heavy and operates with minimal errors(jitter) and doesn't need extra-tweaking. You might get dissapointed on the bad recorded CDs since they will sound worse.
Don't rush onto $$$digital components when you can get loads of music from Micromega stage... even if you get an integrated player instead of transport it will still make a sence to use it as a transport since transports in Micomegas are excellent.
you hit it on the head w/reliability issues and arm and leg cost for repair. i own one with the well known door open/close issue...I got mine with that glitch for $250 though.....on the positive side, it has increased my hand/eye coordination skills, and hand speed, while trying to drop in a cd before the drawer closes.
Does Micromega have a newer player out I thought they have not made a player in about 5 years?
You're right they don't have any new player but if there is a chance to get used one for a-little(range of $300) you won't regret.
While I've had tech problems with several Theta transports, I had some serious reliability problems with a Micromega Leader2 as well... and an old NAD... maybe I'm just hard on transports.
I've had great success with the Muse Model 5 Transport - in the same price range as a Data II (anywhere from $600 to $750 used). It may be another transport to consider.
I have a data basic 2 which has been a great transport so far. I also have a Micromega stage one for a spare, as a transport the Theta is a better unit. FYI both units use Phillips transports as do many high end units!
I have owned a Theta Data II for about five years now with no reliability problems. I think the unit sounds very rich and detailed. It has recently faired very well with in home A/B's with the dcs Verdi and the latest Spectral transport. Both of which are >$8K retail.

...whoever has the luck whoever doesn't. I'm with Muse suggestion also but not realy shure if it outperforms Theta.