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Welbourne Phono Pre
The Reveille is no longer made. They are currently working on a replacement offering. 
Teres, Galibier and Redpoint
Dmailer, What arm and cartridge are you using on the Galibier? How is Thom's trade up policy is he liberal with the trade in values? 
Teres, Galibier and Redpoint
Guys sorry to be no help, but I have questions for both of you. I also just sold my turntable and arm and I am on a quest for a new table front end. I have not really narrowed my list as far down as you guys yet, but the Basis and Avid tables were... 
Isolation of my chair, am I crazy???
You are crazy. 
Has anyone heard the new ARC Ref 3 Preamp?
I compared it today to a VTL 5.5 and it sounded better but maybe not worth the price difference. It sounded good but I would not pay $10,000 for it. 
Quad 11L or B&W 601 S3?
Quad 11L, I sold the 22ls and regret that very much, as I have not found a better speaker for all types of music yet.HTH 
Cable recommendation for Soliloquy 6.3's?
I second the analysis plus I have heard the combo at my local Soliloquy dealer and they sounded great. 
Antique Sound Lab: Problems with ASL reliability?
Clueless is right Joe posts on AA and Harmonic Discord frequently he is very helpful and a nice guy to boot. Not many manufacturers are willing to spend their free time answering questions on forums like Joe, you definitely will enjoy the customer... 
Antique Sound Lab: Problems with ASL reliability?
Very old ASL gear had some reliability issues but that was addressed many years ago. Their newer equipment is very good. 
Welcome to Ebay: Brand New Wow Look
I agree it makes Audiogon look like a flea market, but this is happening on a lot of the boards I visit in addition to Audiogon. 
Why Expensive power Cables when Romex behind Wall?
I always thought hospital grade just meant that it was designed not to produce any arcing when a plug is placed into the receptacle because of flammable gases that could be present in a hospital room? 
Any experience with Unison Research?
I have demoed the SR1 integrated and it sounded slightly better than pure solid state but I was not too impressed. I could live with the unit for a couple months but I would want to upgrade soon. 
Collective letter s to Stereophile
Who cares what Stereophile reviews the magazine is a joke now. 
What is the most expensive?
Do you get a kiss with that screw? 
Bad luck W/ Musical Fidelity DAC
Did you not read the review in Stereophile where the unit was hand delivered by the owner of the company for review and while they were listening to it the thing stopped working and had to be sent back to England to be able to complete the review?