The New Clearaudio Ovation

I started another thread a couple of days ago but no responses, so I’ll ask a little differently. I recently purchased the Clearaudio Ovation and I’m using an Audio Note IQIII cartridge which was carried over from my previous Audio Note TT. I'm noticing some brightness in the new setup that was not there with the AN TT. My new table was professionally set up and I run all tubes so I’m thinking the brightness may be a mismatch with the arm/cartridge combo. Ideally, I would like to smooth things out and warm things up and I’m considering the Clearaudio Maestro or maybe one of the Grado wood bodies, but I’m open to suggestions. Budget is $1k - $2k. I will be buying the cartridge new. Anyone have any experience with these cartridges (ideally with a Clearaudio arm/table) Any help or comments would be very much appreciated.
Have you tried to lower the VTA a little? Brightness of a cartridge can be from the tonearm being high in the back.
No I have not. Thanks very much for the tip. Like I said the table was professionally set up but of course that does not necessarily guarantee it was set up correctly. I'll have my dealer check it out.
Since I'd also like to try something different, any comments regarding a new cartridge with this table would be most appreciated.
... I’m open to suggestions. Budget is $1k - $2k. I will be buying the cartridge new.

Koetsu Black
Thanks Syntax. I'd like to try a Koetsu but currently I can only support a high output cartridge so I'd have to buy a different phono or step-up which will put me well over my budget. Still considering one however, since I just sold my CDP to help finance the purchase. I did note from your system page that you didn't seem to care for the several Koetsu's quite a bit upstream from the Black that you tried. Curious why you are recommending one.
Well, the "Black" is not made from Koetsu (what others told me) and
the price for this cart is ok. I listened to it some time ago and I seriously think,
it is much better than its "Brothers". Hard to believe, all Koetsu
owners will have a different opinion (of course) but when someone would force
me to listen to a Koetsu for a few hours for whatever reason, I would choose the
Black. :-)
The Benz cartridges are available in higher output. Probably they will the job
without buying a new Phonostage...
I heard the same thing about the Black and thought that if I were to try a Koetsu it would be a good "reason" to move up to the Rosewood. Problem is it's hard enough to audition amps, speakers, etc. sometimes. Auditioning cartridges are next to impossible, so you have go with your gut or what you read here and other places. Maybe I will try a Black. I guess the worst that can happen is I'll save a thousand bucks over the Rosewood.

Thanks again.
I have a Clearaudio Ovation with a Transfiguration Phoenix.
It, too, can run a tad bright.
I increased the loading to 1k (250 is recommended).
Problem solved. Try increasing your loading. It's worth a shot.
Also, don't use the little discs it comes with to go under its spikes. Put the table on a block of maple, if possible.
Thanks Nietz..., Using MM cartridge with no loading options in my phono. I originally had the TT on a maple platform with isolation under the wood and no little discs under the spikes. I found the "brightness" present in that set-up as well.

I'm going to take it to my dealer soon to check the set-up and also try adjusting the VTA as suggested above.

I believe its the AN cartridge. Although I didn't hear it with the AN TT, the Clearaudio is giving me much better extension in both the low and high ends. With the extension in the highs comes the brightness:-)
Had the table checked today. Everything was set-up correctly.

Picked-up some new tubes for my EAR 834 phono while I was there. Ultron 12AX7's (see another thread ongoing). Brightness GONE!!