Upgrade Verity Parsifal Ovation

Hello for all!
Sorry for my terrible English.
Does anybody know about possible upgrade program for Parsifal Ovation directly from Verity?
In Russia we haven't any information from our dealer.
There is no upgrade existing to Parsifal Encore to Parsifal Ovation nor no existing upgrade for the actual Parsifal Ovation...
Wich kind of upgrade you are talking about ???
I don't know. May be tweeters, jampers etc? There is no at moment, are you shure?
Call Verity. I called with a question a few months ago and the owner/designer answered the phone. He was very knowledgeable.
Thank you! But when I try to call directly to Verity, they told me to call my dealer and my dealer doesn't have any information (Russia, MOSC0W!!!!!!) Also I listen some trouble with the one of tweeters, but my dealer ready to ship pair of tweeter near middle of summer!!!
Becouse this company also is dealer of Nagra I have like this problems and with Nagra, I have Nagra DAC, Nagra Pl-p, VPA.... For example nobody can't tell me about current version of software in Nagra DAC...
Verity told me the following:

The cabinets are different for the Encore vs. the Ovation so the new drivers won't work properly in the old cabinets - therefore no upgrade is available.


I mean, but I already have Ovation (not upgraded Encore), so I'am interesting in available upgrades for Ovation.
Sorry, one more question. Does anybody use any supertweeters with Verity?
I repeat there is no known upgrade actually for your actual VERITY PARSIFAL OVATION.
I went down at the factory in Quebec city last spring and met the co president Mr Pelchat, a very nice guy by the way.
You should try to get in touch with Mr Pelchat by emailing him.....
You should have a distributor for Eastern Europe...
Good luck !!!
Thank you very much for support!!!
My dealer told me, there is an upgrade both from the Encore to Ovation and from Sarastro 1 to Sarastro 2.
I wouldn't do it though.

I think the Parsifal Encore and the Sarastro 1 are better. The second models are more bright to appeal to the typical audiophile.

Stay where you are.
To reiterate. There was/is never an upgrade available to transform the Parsifal Encore to Ovation. This is not possible because the cabinet sizes are different. At one time, Verity did offer to upgrade the tweeters for owners of earlier version of Encore (pre-2002) to the 1" standard Revelator which were used on Encores in 2002 and beyond.

Verity no longer offers that upgrade service. However, you can still buy two "upgrades" from Verity. One is the jumper cables made by Discover, and the other is a new set of platforms to go between the monitors and the bass units.

Argyro, I am not sure where your dealer got his information. But I got my info straight from Verity a year ago when I was inquiring about upgrading my Encores.

Sorry I was actually talking about the upgrade from Sarastro I to Sarastro II.