The grace digital link internet radio

This is a terrific low cost option for those that do not want to sink a ton of money into a streaming audio option. I mainly listen to analog, but just wanted a convenient way to have non stop music playing in back ground for gatherings or when doing other things around the house aside from dedicated listening. This product can be had for just $159 on sale at Amazon.
Its a great intuitive product that includes a digital coax output to connect the device to the dac of your choice. It also includes a large lcd screen to display pertinent info and colorful album art. It features pandora, Amazon music, and iheart radio built in, as well as Bluetooth and chromecast. It sounds great running through my dac and hifi. It also can stream some hi-res content for those that find that to be of importance, I do not. It would also be a great option for a second room powered speaker set up. It does a lot for the money imo.
I have Mondo Elite have had it for year Use it for my alarm clock because you can set it for the days of the week and when it go off it is at the beginning of the song
Tomstruck, it’s a great product for not a lot of money. I think Mine may have the same alarm feature as well (have not had time to play with that yet), but I generally bought it because of the digital out feature. I have it connected to my hifi via my dac. This thing just plain connects to wifi and stays connected. It can do hi res files or streaming up to 24 bit/192 kHz, has a great high contrast screen, and intuitive layout. So far I love it for its convenience. To me, it was the cheapest option, yet still does what its supposed to do. I never wanted to sink too deep into streaming so it fits the bill.
It just sits on top of my cd player, next to my headphone amp. Looks pretty good with the red/amber back lighting feature, as opposed to the blue. So far I’m thrilled with it. Well worth the $159, plus I had an Amazon gift card lol!
Grace is talking about adding Amazon hd capabilities with a future firmware update, as for now it only has the amazon unlimited app installed. 
I had one of Grace Digital's previous streamers. Considering the epic way that became a paper weight, I won't be sending another nickel their way. It was a great product, right up until it was shut off.
The new one does not rely on an external server or vendor is provided by grace digital. Anyhow, I love mine and think it is a great value compared to far more expensive devices that essentially do nothing more. The fact it Is still sold out means it is popular.
I understand completely, and I also enjoyed mine. I just think Grace Digital dropped the ball in a big way with their previous customers. And while I certainly enjoyed it, and thought it was a great value, in no way would I claim that 'far more expensive devices do nothing more'. It's easy to hear the difference, but I never had expectations of a $175 streamer being the equivalent of one that cost thousands.
The fact that it is still sold out means they didn't produce enough units. For all either of us knows, that number could have been 100, or 10,000. Over the last several years, I've regularly looked at their website. Often, every product in their line was sold out/unavailable. I never took this as a sign of popularity, but more a sign of a company that was poorly managed. If the sandwich shop is continually out of sandwiches, there's an underlying problem.
I have one of the older units and as of yesterday, will no longer play Pandora which is mainly what I listened to.
Now have to search for a few decent internet radio stations or buy something different.
That stinks, I use predominantly pandora as well. I can say they the new unit is really great with absolutely no issues. Streams with no skips, fluid, stays connected to wifi, and very easy to use. I have no idea when it will be available again, out if stock for months and months...
You got that right audioguy especially as I spent an hour or two trying to figure out why it disappeared only to read online today that Pandora has discontinued support for older grace digital products.

I just hooked up an old laptop to my pre-amp so I can play Spotify but liked Pandora better for some reason.