Ariston & Grace

I have recently acquired an oldish Ariston RD80 transcription deck here in the UK fitted with a Grace G707 tone arm. I have been searching in vain to find out any information on either of these products. Does anybody out there know of either of these items and more importntly are they any good! I'm new to vinyl so I would be grateful if someone could advise me on the difference between a tuntable and a transcription deck?
The Ariston (if I remember the model correctly) was considered to be a decent turntable in the mid 1970's. The Grace 707 is a classic tonearm, quite low in mass, although not the absolute lowest of its day. Mated to a good high-compliance cartridge, it should perform quite well. I am still using one with a Shure V15 IIIG. I do not know what cartridges today have high compliance. Maybe someone else can help you out with that. jeff
Dont know about your tonearm but your table is similar in design and sonics to a Linn LP-12 which Im sure you know is a fine table.Buy a new or used rega RB 300 tonearm and a grado platinum cartridge and you will have a killer table!
hey, ive had two 707s, the first on a technics sl120 table----ok table, and a kenwood kd500------pretty good table in its early days before the white rock aged. the 707 though was a fine arm. every cartridge i put on it sounded as different as they should, unlike my phase linear straightliner. the adc xlm cartridge was excellent on it, as was the grace f9e which i still have. a good cart buy would be an AT-OC9 for 200 clams, avail at audio advisor and a couple of other sources. its mc so you need a stepup. i also have a mapleknoll athena which is sust VIVID. the pump is noisy and im thinking that ill get a compressor and just store the pressure. now and again, the bearings need to be adjusted on the 707 and you may need to seek out some special tools to span the adkustment rings which are quite small. anyhow, hope this helps you.