That Elusive Pre-amp bargain....?

About to run Magnepan 1.6/QR with Odyssey Stratos amp. I'll use my Denon reciever for a pre over the next couple of weeks, but I want a good SS or Tube pre-amp with a REMOTE.
I must have the remote. MUST!!! I want to spend about a grand and I know that's not a lot these days, but my home theater has drained me badly for a while. Still, I'd like better than the Denon.



A used krell 280p or ARC LS15/16.
If you want something cheap, but that will get you through till you win the lottery, check out the Aragon pre-amps. I used one several years ago, and for the money it was alright. I think it will do what you're looking for right now.



For 2 channel at about $1k, it would be hard to do much better than a BAT VK3i w/remote, and it also has an HT bypass function as well as a good remote. It accepts and outputs single ended and balanced.
IMHO it is hard to beat the Musical Fidelity A3cr for under $700 used. Includes a phono section too. Very quiet and musical.

Good luck,
I also recommend the Audio Research LS 15. I had it with the 1.6QR with a Levinson amp and it sounded excellent. I now have the 3.6s and have put in NOS tubes in the LS 15 and the sound improved dramatically. If you get the LS 15, when funds allow, be sure to get some NOS tubes for it - you won't believe the difference.
Hi, Check out the Symphony Experience Plus for $690 from Ys-audio, or go to AC and get the Juicy Music Peach for $750, 800 with extra tubes. I know someone who has an AE3DJH. But gotta find out how much he would want for it. That's all for now.
Hey, Blindman;
Where do you find a JM Peach for $750? That's a screamin' deal.