Finding the elusive

I've got to post about how freakin good my system finally sounds! I have been addicted to this hobby for 4 years now and about a year ago I started to lose interest in it. I felt like I had thrown thousands at my system to only end up with something that sounded a little better than the average set-up. I also felt like every "upgrade" was minimal, or sideways, not "up"grading.

That all changed when I scored a pair of speakers that I love and now That I have an amp that has enough oomph and finesse to make them sing, I'm in audio heaven!

Everytime I sit down and listen I'm impressed and I feel like I've actually got an audiophile, hi fi set-up now. Detail, bass extension and articulation with no overhang, extension on the highs, imaging that is enveloping, vocals that give your ears orgasms, it's all there now and I'm diggin it!

Anyways, just ecstatic about the rig and wanted to share the love!
Congratulations B_limo!

To finally surrender (in a good way) to your choices and just be able to sit down when you feel like it to enjoy what you've worked at so hard and for so long is a great feeling.

Jump off that merry-go-round and don't look back. :-)

All the best,
Thanks Nonoise! I am really happy with the music I'm hearing now. Don't think I'm not going to continue to polish my system with more room treatments, equipment racks and footers for the few pieces I have. My set-up is very minimal and I set out initially to build it that way, and I'll keep it that way.

I'd like to also eventually set up a secondary rig, also as simple as possible but I'd like to see how good of a system you can piece together for $1k-$1.5k.

Well, time to get back to the music!
P.s. That post title was supposed to read "Finding that elusive magic in your system"...
Good to hear, B_limo! It's always good when you finally hit that magic combination. Congrats and cheers!

Regards, John

BTW, what were the new speakers?
Or amp, if that's the case...