Thank you Audiogoner's for your civilized attitude

I am fairly new to Audiogon and have enjoyed reading posts, answering a few, and even asking some questions. I would like to thank everyone here for their always civil responses and very helpful insights.

On the other hand, I have been reading posts at AA and at and am surprised by the behavior of some responses in some threads at both places. It's almost as if posting at one or the other of them is similar to picking a fight with a paranoid drunk in a crowded bar.

I like lively debate as much as the next person - but I don't enjoy reading, or being the subject of personal insults and attacks such as I have observed at AA in various threads, and the vicious attacks leveled at some of the posts in the systems galleries at Audioreview.

Thanks again to Audiogon and all it's members for keeping the bar high and providing quality information exchange.
Well Said.

That is also the reason I frequent this board. Some people like to pick fight for entertainment and I am sure sooner or later some of them will wonder over here. When that happens I suggest we don’t response to their messages, no matter how insulting that might be. If we do, they will have their fun and stay around and attract more of the same kind to join.
I am in complete agreement on the good form evinced by the members on this forum, however I often feel that there is a homogenous quality to a lot of the opinions expressed here and a general lack of tolerance for those with ideas that are well outside of main stream opinion.
Agreed the composure on this site is second to none, I may screw around a bit(but hey that's what the young punk kid is suppose to do ;)- all in all its a relaxing mind expanding experience every visit, I NEVER get upset with what any one says, they're all so friendly we are all allowed a bad day here and again. Cheers ~Tim
Yes, over the AG existence the population has been widdled down to an overwhelming majority who are in line with or are in love with the oligarchy, but this recent spirt of team spirit posts is getting a little weird. I actually would like to see people like John Easton & Felix, or Romy post here to add some interesting perspective, but I am content to frequent other sites and the status quo is probably for the better. They all have pros and cons(except AR which is horrible). Cheers darling, ta-ta.
Are you talking to me??!!!..... Are you talking to me??!!!!!!..... You must be talking to me, 'cause I don't see anyone else here. Ya wanna make something of it???!!! C'mon, I'll show you whose right!!!

That 's what you're talking about, right? Sometimes those at AA and AR take this hobby a bit too seriously. It is SUPPOSED to be fun. Yes A-gon is the most level-headed site.

Generally, folks here understand the subjectivity of the hobby. What sounds better? It depends.

That attitude, based on experience, makes all the difference. Plus, the knowledge level and/or enthusiasm of the posters is really something! That's a potent combination that leads to lots of relatively frictionless, but lively and engaging, discussions.
Marty, are you an idiot or what? I've never heard such drivel in my life. There is no reason for a divergence of opinions among concenting adults.
Actually you're on the right track. This is good clean fun in which I can partake regularly and not get fat. I've met a lot of cool people here, Marty included. What's a little acromony among friends!
Busted again!
Agreed, and I think one of the main reasons for the welcome sense of perspective at A'gon is precisely because this is an advertising and buying site for members' classifieds and auctions. There would be consequences for anyone bold enough to act like an unmitigated jerk here in terms of their ability to successfully transact with other members after earning a poor reputation around the forums.
Like the man said, 'If I want your opinion, I'll give it to you'. This seems to be the attitude of your run of the mill audio snob who thinks you're deaf just because you admit you can't here a difference between some components.

Like Dennis Miller said, that's my opinion, I could be wrong.

PLUS, acrimonious responses from A'gon members yield positive results: that's how "clueless" got his moniker!
I think that the Audiogon forums are far too civilized especially when someone disagrees or becomes vocal toward an audio dealer. You will find these post quickly deleted. I think for the most part the forums are interesting,informative and often entertaining but too moderated. No, I don't think we should attack any poster but it should be okay to disagree and if one has had a less than a favorable outcome we should be allowed to inform all the members. Again I can't overstate that it shouldn't go to the lengths of Audio Asylum or some of the Usenet groups. I think the members here are for the most part are adult, sophisticated and a little spirited dialog would make the forums more interesting.