Aussie Audiogoner's re:power cords

I would like to replace my stock power cords with some decent after market ones but all the good deals on Audiogon seem to be with power cords that have American style 3 prong plugs that won't fit our Australian power points.
I was wondering if here were any fellow Aussie Audiogoner's who have found a way around this problem.
BTW I have not been able to find a supplier of after market power cords here in Sydney.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Tony
UHF magazine ( ) sells a kit power cord ( Wireworld Stratus ) in their Audiophile Store section.

The kit includes 2m of wire, a Swiss-made IEC connector and a Hubbell NA-style plug, but I bet they'd sell it without the Hubbell.

I bought one of these kits and made up the cord. Stripping the wire was not simple, but they warn you, and supply very good instructions. The new cord made a very nice difference on my Copland CTA-301 preamp.

Good luck !
Gidday from the Great Barrier Reef! I've bought all my cords from NBS and Walter Fields has a supply of the Aust HPM's and will terminate them at no extra charge if required. If you are stuck with US only versions on other makes, I can reterminate them for you with local ones.

Good Listening,
You might check out HCM Audio's Web site. They've been having a clearance sale on AudioQuest power cords, and they can be ordered with different plug options. Don't know if they can fix you up with plugs to fit Australian sockets, but you could probably get the cords with IEC socket and install your own power plug. HCM's Web site is:
Thanks for all the great help guys.I will invstigate all of the above options.
Team212 Thanks I may take you up on your offer If I get stuck with a US version only.Tony
You could try Audio Definition in Sydney (email- who will sell you Cardas power cords with Aust plugs for less than Audiogon prices.
Or just try replacing the US plug on any cord with a Clipsal 1439HD which is what they use on the Cardas.
Good luck