termination of power cables

I have an old PS Audio Mini Lab cable, very old one, bright blue jacket, before the mesh jacket coating, with standard round Wattgate type connectors for wall/IEC.

I am thinking about cutting it to a shorter length to fit better in my rack, and am wondering if this is a fairly straightforward task. I am competent with strippers (both wire and female) and think I have enough common sense to figure it out, but just trying to get a sense of how much I am biting off here. Thanks.

Yes, pretty simple and straightforward. If I can do it, at 76, anyone can. Good luck, Dave
It isn't a hard task. You can find a wiring book at most hardware stores for a few dollars, but what you want you can just read it there.

Make sure the black wire connects to the gold and smaller tab, green or green/yellow is ground, and white is neutral, which is the silver and larger tab. DON'T GET THESE MIXED UP!