Term for an LP that is about the quality you'd expect to pull out of a dollar bin?

Is there a general term in record buying & selling for an LP that is in sort of rough shape - you know what I mean - vinyl is pretty 'well-loved' and the cover is musty and shows its age. Sort of like dollar-bin quality. Looking for a simple catchall term for a record that would be acceptable for someone not paying too much, who is fine with playing an album with some crackles, etc.
+1 for @addyson815's link that describes the record grading system.

AudiophileUSA uses it: https://www.audiophileusa.com
If you frequent used record stores and in particular $1 bins or otherwise unsealed records, be prepared to do some record cleaning.  Even sealed recordings benefit from cleaning to remove mold release compound, dust and other particulate matter.  Dust happens ;- )

Have fun!
Thanks guys - was thinking along the lines of a slang term. But this works too.
Been buying and selling since the early 80's and the term I know is "starter copy". Obviously not mint but will do till an upgrade is found. I find that in a time where the internet offers so many choices that claim to be quite nice that my starter copies now feel like Goodwill donations.
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Around here we call them dollar bin records.
"crap"....   with apologies
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