Tempest, revisited

I know many here feel Dylan is not worth the time, but for the few who may be curious, take a listen to Tin Angel on Tempest, a classic classic classic. As good as anything I have heard new in the last decade.
Rpeluso - very surprising to me how readily some here dismiss Dylan. Glad you are enjoying Tin Angel.
Thanks for the recommendation. I personally have always loved Bob Dylan and yes he just keeps getting better. The last time I saw him live was Modern Times tour and I was floored at what an amazing show that was. This has turned out to be a great year for new music imo. Too bad more people don't listen to it.
Hey Donjr - I think you posted a Dylan thread a short while ago. Got very little support on it as I recall. Sorry 'bout that. My history with Dylan goes back a ways. Not someone I liked all that much from the get go. I used to lift weights with my cousin decades ago. He was younger than me but big into Dylan and was either playing Dylan or Zappa on an el cheapo (and I do mean el cheapo) record player in his basement while we lifted. Some Dylan stuff started getting lodged in my brain. Planet Waves sticks out. Then I caught a Dylan concert on TV. Talking Black & White with an aerial. It was the "Hard Rain" tour. Blown away by his band and the "dancing on a razaor edge" precision of it all. Live, he seems to do something I can't put into words. Years later I heard Blood on the Tracks. Those experiences made a convert of me.
Just listened to Tempest yesterday for the first time. Very enjoyable, worthy of many more listens. His best in a while.