Telarc 1812 revisited 2

Previously, I posted this subject and got about 84 responses. Most opined the cannons could not be tracked, and the recording was not "fair" A few such as Raul stated he believed they could be tracked, which was a good test of cartridge tracking ability. I had several carts. in the early 80's, chiefly Audio Technicas and Shures, [on inexpenive direct drive TTs], which had no trouble, although later, much more expensive rigs have not been able to do so. Of interest now is that I just purchased a Jico SAS stylus for my old Shure V15III which easily tracked the 1812 previously, but with the Jico SAS, you should see it bounce around!
This is interesting. In the very early 80's I had a B&O table with B&O cartridge, mmc2 I think, and it tracked the cannon shots no problem. A few years ago my Linn / Shelter was unable to do so. Have not tried again since.
My current set-up a VPI Classic 1 with a Benz Micro Wood SL can not track it. I believe my old set-up back in the early 80's could; Sony DD PSX40 with a Sure V15 Type IV. Although I have not played with my current set-up (Within Set-Up Parameters) to see if I can get it to track it.
It's predictable that a high compliance B&O MMC2 or Shure V15 would track big transients better than a low compliance Shelter or Benz. It would be astonishing if the results were otherwise.

That said, which rig sounds more like real music?
I understand the high vs. low compliance issue; my purpose for this post was to point out the lack of good tracking by the SAS vs. he original V15III stylus, which must have been much more compliant. This was a surprise to me, but the sound was comparable.
Boofer, I was responding to the two other posters, not to your OP. Sorry if the comment was OT.

That said, since replaceable stylus assemblies for the V15 include the cantilever and suspension, a differential in compliance may still be the most likely explanation of the difference in tracking ability you observed. Even if you compared two ostensibly identical replacements, a new one would probably be less compliant than a used one. Larger variations are of course likely as between different types.