Melissa Manchester - An old friend revisited

Anyone out there like/love Melissa Manchester?
I used to bodyguard for her many years ago in NYC.
I just took out some of my many LP's & re-found "For the Working Girl".
A Fool's Affair has always been one of my favorites along with Talk & In the Back Room.
She is & always will be one of my favorite female singers.
I love the mandolin's in the background & her strong, but coy voice.
Also listened to Chuck Mangione "Land of Make Believe" with Esther Satterfield & remembered the sour note he hit near the end of the title hit.
BTW - I just got my Herbie Mann "Opalecence" CD back from a friend & am enjoying the hell out of it.
The re-make of "Coming Home Baby" is unreal!
I was at the original taping @ the "Village Gate" & while a classic, the newer version is so much better.
Too bad Herbie traded his flute for a harp - God bless!
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you bet - I'm a Melissa Manchester fan. I have 2 LPs that get regular play (still that is - after 20 years). "Emergency" and "Hey Ricky".
Count me in the MM club. Love that voice!