Tekton Elelctron speakers

Well, I've had the Electrons (#15 and #16) for two months, and am ready to review them.

For benefit of readers, I'm pretty experienced, having 15 years in audio retail and being a mid-price "audiophile" for 35 years. Without all the blah-blah-blah, I've owned (or sold at the retail level) Revel, Martin Logan, ESS, B&W, Kef, Tannoy, Quad ESL, etc, speakers and good electronics, such as Levinson, Crown, Nakamichi, Rogue, Audio Research, Classe, Decware... I also listen quite loudly at times, and have the system in a medium-to-large, open floor plan living room with cathedral ceilings. The speakers are on a long wall, several feet from any corner. I mostly listen to rock, female vocalists, some jazz and a little classical.

My first statement re the Electrons: LET THEM BREAK IN! This is necessary for two reasons: to let the drivers smooth out and increase detail, punch and clarity; and so you (the listener) can get used to this unusually open type of sound. Don't judge them (or, likely, any Tekton speaker) on the first few days of listening.

When I first set them up, I immediately heard a very forward midrange with exceptional, though "horn-like," detail, but without corresponding bass and treble detail. I, of course, wanted immediate gratification; however, instead of jumping to a quick conclusion that the Electrons were "peaky" in midrange or "rolled-off" in bass and highs," I backed off and decided to listen to a lot of different music and to let the speakers break-in. While break-in periods may seem to be voodoo to some people, such a period is absolutely necessary here.

After a week or so, I realized I was hearing more midrange detail and openness than I had with my most-recent speakers (B&W 805 and Revel 208 - no slouches in their own right) -- and, frankly, it took some time listening to realize this. Whereas my initial listening suggested a pronounced midrange "bump" in frequency response, I was now discovering not a "bump," but rather a remarkably clear and detailed sound. After a few weeks, the treble and bass also opened up, smoothed out and began producing equally tight, well-integrated and detailed sound. I guess I would describe the overall sound as "totally unmuffled," as compared to any other speaker I've heard in this price range or up to 3-4 times (or more) the price range; it's like someone took a sheet or blanket off the other speakers. In fact, they blew away my Revel 208's, and I love those speakers. Needless to say (but I will, anyway), I am truly impressed with these speakers and am enjoying my music collection as if brand new to me.

During this period, my non-audiophile girlfriend, who had listened a lot to my B&W's and Revels (but who doesn't know a woofer from a dachshund or a tweeter from a terrapin), also noticed "much better sound - really clear," although she could not explain it in audio terms. Using the Electrons, I also compared my 3 amplifiers (20 watt tube, 35 watt tube, and 500 watt SS monoblocks), and within several songs, even she could hear the differences in the amps as exposed by the Electrons. That's a pretty revealing test! (My 20 watt Decware Tori Jr. won the contest, and drives the 95dB Electrons with ease.)

While having only 2 6" woofers, the Electrons go amazingly deep with great speed and detail (Eric told me the cabinets are tuned to 30Hz). Lots of speakers go deep, or have a low-frequency peak to mimic depth, but few have such detail. Would I switch them for Double Impacts? Probably not (although I thought about it a lot). While I imagine the Double Impacts provide more "slam" in the lowest registers with 2 10" woofers (almost 2.5 greater area than 6" woofers), I would hate to take the chance of altering the seamless coherence, articulation and soundstage I'm experiencing with the Electron's 6" woofers and 4" midrange drivers. (If Eric wants to send me a pair of Double Impacts to try out, I would accept the offer!) A few days ago, I hooked up my 2 Kef subwoofers to see if I could increase the "slam" from 60Hz down. I wasn't surprised when they added that gain, but unquestionably muddied the overall bass response. If I determine that I really need more bass "slam," I'd then likely purchase a Tekton subwoofer to retain the speed and detail.

Just one last thing -- another pretty revealing test. I listened to my AKG 240 headphones to a couple of albums, but stopped because I lost so much detail and openness compared to the Electrons. Usually, one listens to headphones to be more immersed in the detail of the music, but not here. I think I need better headphones!

I think Eric is on to something with his patented design and is justified when saying: "I personally guarantee there are subtle nuances and details contained in your favorite recordings that you’ve never heard until now and that is flat-out exciting for an audiophile or music lover! ... I invite you to literally hear what you’ve been missing!" It's true.

These are remarkable speakers.


Ken P.

Very well written,thanks...Do you see yourself upgrading the drivers or crossovers at some point,?seems a lot of DI owners head down that path from what ive read.
One thing I have found about the double impacts is that they are not refined 
They can image and throw very good detail ,snd very respectable bass .
But smooth and immersive They are not . I heard them for several hours 
Not my cup of tea.  And several reviewers said build quality is not  up there either 
That has something yo say about that as well as the Xover parts .
They are s work in progress. To say they compete with a top YG,or Wilson 
Is just Insane. Trying yo make a silk purse out of a sows ear is not going to happen get real.  They are a great value, I will give it that.
I own the DIs and have let them break-in completely. That is important. They displaced my beloved B&W 804s, which was shocking in my case. I fully expected to take advantage of the Tekton return policy when I ordered them. If you think the DIs are not smooth, there had to be a problem with the front end or the room size/treatment. I can see where a small room could be a problem with the DIs. The only other thing is, I do have the upgraded version with the high end crossover and wiring. That, I understand, smooths out the sound a lot. But to each their own opinion. But I am sending the DIs back. I have the newly released DI Special Editions coming to replace them.

Very nice mini review of the Electron,I'm glad you like them and you are correct Eric is on to something.

I do believe that the Electron is going to be changed to 8 inch woofers in the future.

"I would hate to take the chance of altering the seamless coherence, articulation and soundstage I'm experiencing with the Electron's 6" woofers and 4" midrange drivers"

You won't,all the magic will still be there in spades and more than likely you will notice the image size to be just right in size.

Offcourse the bass will be lwr and deeper with more slam and I have measured my DI's to be flat at 20hz in room.

Ken, Are you sure they use two 6 inch woofers ?? The Tekton site shows 8 inch woofers.
The OP is over 2 years old. The first version of Electron had 6 inch woofers and were later changed to 8 inch woofers.