Technics turntable inquiry about SL 1200 MK ll for DJ or home use?

I own a Technics SL 1600 MK l.
Also a SL Q 202..... are these turntable for home use ?

If you are a rap-“DJ”, you don’t even need a real turntable. They only use a time code record to control serato. 

The turntables you own are for listening to music. 
I have had a sl1200 mk2 in my home for many years.
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@rocky1313 Technics SL1200 mkII was invented for home use as a Hi-Fi component, this turntable was adopted by DJs because of the +/- 8% pitch control fader and powerful Direct Drive motor, but you can still use them for home listening, you can upgrade them as i did with mine, look here.

A brand new Ultra High-End Technics SL-1200GAE has the same proportions as the iconic SL1200mkII, but internally it’s completely different beast. There is a pitch control like on earlier models, so what is the question? "For DJ or home use ?" What’s the difference? They are a Hi-Fi (SL1200 mkII) and High-End (SL1200G and GAE) that can be used for DJing and for home listening. They are universal, the difference in pirce is huge, the SL-1200G ($4000) and limited edition GAE ($9000) are so much better than cheap old SL1200 mkII ($300-500 used).

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Anybody that pays $9000.00 for the GAE version is getting robbed. It’s Basically the same thing as the G version in performance, but slightly more fancy limited edition. I owned the GAE version when it cost less than $5000.00. Resold it because it wasn’t any better than what I already owned. Very nice turntable, but unless you think by collecting it to resale for even higher price, which isn’t guaranteed, the G version is the one to buy.
chakster, was your quoted $9K for a GAE something you saw on the used market?  Do you know if it sold for that?

The GAE was one of Technics initial offerings when they resumed TT production with significantly upgraded models.  Only a limited number were made and those quickly sold out.  So new GAEs have not been available for some time.

rocky, there has been great confusion about DJ tables simply because versions of the SL1200 were adopted for that use.  In fact I believe that demand was what kept them in production for so long.  But as others stated here, it was designed for home use.  DJ'ing was not even common when it was developed.
They made 1200 GAE versions. I guess there’s a few people trying to resell them for a huge profit. Sorta like the discontinued OPPO UDP-205 4K player.